I heart recycled stuffed toys

It’s that time of year when I descend into kitsch craft sewing for Christmas. Bear with me, garment sewing will return soon!

I was inspired by these garlands at Woolworths

He who Cooks thought something like this would make great nameplace holders for the Christmas lunch table.

He’s brilliant.

They will.

The hearts are all from remnants used for other projects. All the buttons are from my stash. Some of them are probably older than me.

Best of all the stuffing is from a much loved, but no longer with us, toy Bunny.

Big Blue Bunny belonged to my nephew. Then to my niece. Then he came to live with us and performed admirably as Felicity’s bedroom door guardian. Recently he suffered a fatal accident. We kept him on life support until his ‘organs’ were donated.

The stuffing in storage.

The Orthopaedic And Trauma bag was perfect for Big Blue Bunny’s organ preservation.

Big Blue Bunny donated his heart, over and over!

I wish my Burdastyle subscription distributor had a heart 😦

So far there’s been no response despite an email and two online help requests.

10 thoughts on “I heart recycled stuffed toys

  1. Thanks for a good chuckle, and what a brilliant idea. We have a couple of well-loved battered old toys who’s time has come. Like the HeLa cell line they could be allowed to live on….(science joke). Shame about the Burda; I hope they respond soon.

    1. Loved the science joke! I wonder how far and for how long the hearts will live. Our dinner guests will get to take them home if they want to as the hearts can do double duty as Christmas decorations.

  2. What a lovely way to give reverence to a much beloved old friend. And what fun this will be on your Chriatmas table! Great idea. He who cooks is quite brilliant 😉

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