Green shoes, split image skirt and Rachel Comey top

New shoes need a new outfit, right?

IRL, the shoes are a perfect match for the greeny-blue in the skirt fabric. It went from flat-pack-in-the-stash to pencil skirt in a few hours.

(image from Tessuti’s)

I did have a top in the perfect matching greeny blue, but I didn’t want to go overboard. Ahem, well known for my restraint with my favourite colours?

The real reason was that I “needed” to make up the Rachel Comey pattern that everyone in the sewing world already made several years ago.

(V1247, image from Vogue Patterns)

Guided by the squillions of reviews, I made a few adjustments to the pattern:

I raised the neckline by 2.5 cm at the front,

and back,

and went down two sizes everywhere except the hips.

So, what’s my conclusion?

  • Nice shoes.
  • It’s still loose fitting (and no, I don’t know what I am doing with my hands in this photo, but, whatever it is, it’s nicely symmetrical!)
  • The neckline is now quite modest. I might take it back down next time.
  • The horizontal (Hollywood) darts are way too low and too long. They need to come up at least 2 cm and end at least 2 cm sooner on both sides. I keep forgetting I am short waisted and need to check this with new patterns. Although, look at it on Eliza the dressmaking dummy. Her bust points are way above the darts too. She shouldn’t be shortwaisted now should she?

  • I did not follow Vogue’s instructions and use french seams. I could say it was because my tencel fabric was not sheer or light. But it was also because, really? French seams with all that piecing? That would have been a serious amount of work. I tip my hat to all the sewists who have done so. Instead I followed Karen of Did you make that? and chose to zig zag rather than overlock. It’s functional but not beautiful on the inside.
  • No French seams but I did do a nice baby hem.
  • The bias cuffs are delightful.
  • I love the seaming detail.
  • It also looks good tucked in.
  • I need to make another one!

This was (almost) my last make for 2014. I have a wrap skirt that is still to be blogged. It is demanding a new partner before it is willing to be photographed. I have very demanding garments.


The 2014 sewing year resulted in 36 garments. That must be some sort of record for me. It’s been fun. And the online sewing community is awesome. Thank you all for reading and commenting. It means so much.

Happy New Year!


19 thoughts on “Green shoes, split image skirt and Rachel Comey top

  1. I had the same issue with the darts on a version that I ended up throwing away. Having said that, your version looks great and is prompting me to consider trying again. Maybe the darts are just a design feature? Love the shoes and skirt too – elegant and fun! Rachel πŸ™‚

  2. I think that is the nicest of those tops I’ve seen. Love the fabric colour but knowing it is tencel…. Double love. I’m glad someone has finally said it…. French seam is just overkill I think. I didn’t do them for the skirt from this pattern ages ago and I have another cut out that won’t have them either. Love the new shoes too!

  3. Love your new shoes. That 1247 top is an interesting one, no? I’ve only made it up in a flowy silk chiffon because of it’s shape and, well, those darts scare me. But I do agree they are a design feature and shaping for the waist, not so much the bust are. I love the colours of your fabrics. Happy New Year!

  4. I have shoes in the same colour, Miz Mooz, unfortunately almost unwearable…
    Love the print on the skirt, the top looks like silk. Great for the heatwave that our summer will be. Hope you are having lots of time to sew over the break πŸ™‚

  5. 36 garments?!? That averages out to 3 every month – and you traveled a bit, too! My goodness, I am so impressed with your talent and industriousness! Happy New Sewing Year….

    1. Glad to return the favour: you often remind me of patterns and inspire me to make them.
      This top would be great in light weight linen – the piecing would be delightful.

  6. What a wonderful outfit (oh, that skirt fabric) and I really like the silhouette. When I sewed the top I just used the overlocker – too much bulk where all those darts and seams meet otherwise, I think!
    And by the way, we’re Jungle January swap partners! Hooray!

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