Help! I need panel print ideas

What to sew? Jungle January is on and I should be zig-zagging with a zebra.

Or making a toile so that I can turn that glorious designer laminated tweed into a coat.

But this digital border print is messing with my mind. It really needs to be sewn!

This lovely fabric is from EmmaOneSock. Linda describes it as a “new technology polyester woven that mimics the qualities of silk, and this one is very much like a silk charmeuse. It’s a drapey dress weight, elegant, opaque, and a beautiful quality alternative to silk! The print is a beautiful tree grove scene with sunset colors: periwinkle blue, grassy green, indigo, french roast, rosy pink, etc. with a silvery pale gray background”. Each panel is 73 cm (.8 yards) long. The panels are printed across the fabric which is 150 cm (60 inches) wide. I have 2 panels. So plenty for a summer dress.


I could go with a very simple trapeze dress like this :

BurdaStyle 04/2013 #109.

Tessuti have done something similar with one of their delightful panel prints



Or this more glamorous Matthew Williamson designer pattern


Burdastyle 09/2012 #134








I like this dress too but I may not have enough fabric, so it might end up sleeveless. And I do love those sleeves.





BurdaStyle 03/2014 #120





This baby doll dress is very cute, but perhaps works because of its rich black yoke and delicate lace.

BurdaStyle 10/2014 #124





So, I’m leaning towards the Matthew Williamson dress.


What do you think? What other patterns would work for this fabric?

19 thoughts on “Help! I need panel print ideas

  1. Funny I was going to recommend the Matthew Williamson design then I saw it on your list. Cut the side pocket panels from the “sky”. Hop over to my blog if you want to see it on a real person.

  2. The first 2 – good choices all round though. There’s a v. easy Vogue 9021 which has a straight skirt and bat wing top – that would showcase the silkiness. Lovely fabric.

  3. I think one of the first two; just keep in mind how you would break up the print in the second one; that would be a fun exercise though! What do you think of the poly fabric in terms of quality/comfort? I’ve been eyeing off a few of those on EOS.

    • You are right. I need to trace off the pattern pieces and make sure this would actually work on the print. The fabric feels glorious. Linda’s description of this is spot on.

  4. What gorgeous fabric. Gorgeous! I’m voting for the first two, and my only caveat of the MW design would be the difficulty (for me) of fitting it well, and then matching up the fabric design. It’s going to be a ‘wow’ dress!

    • I need to do a toile of the MW design before totally committing. It could be a bit tricky to get it right. Tonight I traced and drafted my standard adjustments. The next step will be the toile. Jungle January and the swap might get in the way of this project..

  5. The Matthew Williamson is lovely. I think it would make it nicely in the panel print. I am going to have to pop on over to Gail’s page to see it on.

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