Jungle January update

I am pretty certain I am not going to make up my Jungle January swap in January. But you need at least an update in January, right?

I have the pleasure of Lara of Thornberry as my swap partner. You know, *that* Lara who sews fifteen garments and blogs about them in the time I take to even think about what I *might* sew. She is amazing. I can’t even use the “but I work full time” excuse with her. She does that too! And has school age children. Definitely wonder woman.

These are the delights she sent me.

Imagine my squeals (there could have been a few *roars* *braying* and *trumpeting* too) when this parcel arrived on Saturday. Not just delightful linen fabric in zebra print but trims, notions, a belt and a collar too! I am very lucky.

And, even more wonderful, the linen was prewashed. I had an hour spare (it was the Australia Day weekend and was jam packed with non sewing activities) so I cut Vogue 8805 out that very afternoon. Fastest fabric in and pattern sorted ever! Perhaps some of Lara’s magic came with the parcel?

I’ve cut all but the bottom band in the zebra print. I’ve used a white linen in my stash for the bottom band, just to break up the zebra stripes a bit.

Now the pieces sit next to my sewing machine, silently whinnying at me in reproach.


8 thoughts on “Jungle January update

  1. I’m just glad that you like it all! I won’t get your gorgeous fabric sewn into anything this month, by the way. But I have plans! And maybe my zebra linen should become a Vogue 8805 as well! After all, we live in different states – we could get away with it!

  2. What a fabulous gift! Lara is a wonder with her speedy sewing, isn’t she – and yet it all still looks terrific! I think I recognise that fabric; I’m pretty sure it’s a ramie from Tessuti (I made a dress from it too!).

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