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Gluten free lemon friands

Thank you for all your lovely comments about Felicity’s Formal Frock made from Funky Fabric with some Flares of Frustration but now Finally Finished. Clearly, I like F-words, and need to keep using them. Words like Friands. These were made … Continue reading

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Felicity‚Äôs formal dress finally finished

Phew. Finished is a good way for it to be. There were a few more f-words I could have used in that title, but this is a family blog. It’s a phenomenal dress. Fun. Funky. Fluorescent. Form fitting and floofed … Continue reading

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Wedding nostalgia

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to wedding cake? image from He who Cooks and I were married in the 80’s, and we had traditional fruit cake (and big 80’s sleeves). You are wondering where I am going … Continue reading

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