Felicity’s formal dress finally finished

Phew. Finished is a good way for it to be. There were a few more f-words I could have used in that title, but this is a family blog.

It’s a phenomenal dress. Fun. Funky. Fluorescent. Form fitting and floofed out, all in one dress

The coat hanger shots do not do this dress justice, but the internet will have to wait to see Felicity modelling it, she says. The formal is a few weeks away still.

The Burda pattern used was a designer original: BurdaStyle 12/2013 #130. Felicity was inspired by the style but not the colour. She seems to have inherited my love of bold and bright colour.

There were hours of fun, and frustration in the construction. Not in equal proportions.

The outer fabric was too drape-y and thin for this style. I thought I would fix that with organza underlining.

You’re looking at the inside of the outer back bodice, and the neon yellow in the top left corner is part of the inner bodice. White satin bias tape added to the fun of seam and hem finishing

And here’s the inside view of the skirt. I used lime green organza on the skirt. Because I ran out of the shimmering white used on the bodice. And what’s not to love about lime green?

The organza underlining did add more body, but it resulted in every seam puckering like crazy, no matter what I did. That’s why the underling on the skirt became regular lining below the pocket.

Puckering down the back centre seam became a design feature, highlighted by black ribbon on each side, separating at the hem slit.

Don’t say I’m not inventive!

The dress hem was a micro one with white satin bias tape. The dress needed to be kept as long as possible. Ridiculously high platform heels need to be worn!

Phew indeed.

31 thoughts on “Felicity’s formal dress finally finished

  1. I’ve had issues in the past with organza. More often than not, I underlined pieces with a fine cotton batiste. But hey, had you not pointed out those tiny microscopic puckers, I never would have seen them 🙂
    Such a lovely gown. She is going to look amazing in this dress. Lucky young lady 🙂

    1. I think I’m done forever now with organza. It’s wasn’t silk, and perhaps that makes a difference. The main problem was the unyieldingness of its weave. It did not marry well with the outer fabric. Cotton batiste is an excellent idea. Thanks so much for that tip.

  2. I am totally in awe with the finishing you did on this dress! Just totally amazing – you must have spent what feels like years doing those seam bindings. Cracking dress – I’m sure it’s going to be much admired at the ball.

  3. I can see why you were done with this dress before it was finished. All that bias binding!!!! It’s gorgeous and funky and waaaay more interesting than the black one in Burda. She’s going to be turning a lot of heads!

  4. I think that this is the most fantastic formal dress I have ever seen – so looking forward to seeing it on her! My daughters will be green with envy and will be dreaming of the day when they are old enough to wear similar.

  5. Well done! Having made formal dresses for both my daughters I understand the need for profanities. The colours are brave and funky.

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