The coat of many collaborations

Have you had a sewing project that was collaboration with others? Did it turn out awesomely?

Mine did! Wonderful people helped me with this coat.

The fabric: a generous gift from Liz of designerfabricsaustralia.

The inspiration: What Oscar did with this fabric – Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2007 RTW collection.

The pattern: you, my wonderful readers and commenters helped choose this elegant design (BurdaStyle 11/2014 #111)

The buttons: Veronica (on the left), the best button salesperson in Adelaide. It took her less than 30 seconds to pick these out for me. And there were quite a few to choose from!

The coat’s first outing: shared with other Me-Mades on Mother’s Day in Murraybridge.


Felicity is in another (!) new  dress (post coming soon..), S is in Vogue, H and M in BurdaStyle. You should go and stalk their blog for more details of these three lovely dresses. I’ll post about the construction details of my coat separately. I just couldn’t resist sharing how pleased I am with this project for any longer! Thanks again to all of you. The sewing community, both on and off line, is a marvelous thing.

22 thoughts on “The coat of many collaborations

  1. Wow! It turned out fantastically well! You have a show-stopper coat. Love your Mother’s Day photo, too. What a great bunch of me-mades!

    1. Probably. I’ve added a snap closure since Mother’s Day to secure the collar up higher. This holds it in position so it looks more like the magazine photo.
      I think you could add more closures to take it higher still, but it would not sit as neatly as a coat with the shoulders drafted closer to the neck. This pattern has a wide neckline.

  2. Wow! love the houndstooth on the collar and hem, does remind me of sushi, in the best possible way! Brava! Glad you’ve posted this, it’s on my to do list, to be made in Gay Naffine turquoise cashmere, I think you may have bought some of the same… Does the collar sit well and stay put on the shoulders?

    1. Yes the collar does sit well, but it needs a closure of some sort to not open out down to the waist.
      It will look wonderful in that turquoise wool. I love my coat from that fabric.

  3. Holy woah! It looks amazing!

    Isn’t Veronica the best? How she finds the perfect buttons out of the hundreds there I don’t know, but she’s always right! I’m lucky enough to work really near the Button Bar, and it sure is handy!

  4. What a fabulous coat. This fabric is so unusual and the way you have used it has been a huge success. Your coat would look just as stylish along side Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2007 RTW collection, I am sure.

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