Fabric shopping, Venetian style

Why did I wait so long to go to Venice? Have you been? Isn’t it wonderful?

I’ll post more travel stuff later. Right now I want to tell you about my fabric shopping.

I didn’t find any apparel fabric shops on Venice, but I did come across a great curtain and upholstery fabric store: Colorcasa in Campo San Polo.

This lovely brocade in Colorcasa didn’t want to be curtains. It wanted to be an evening jacket or sheath dress. So I helped it out.

Well, I found no *real* garment fabric in Venice itself, but there is certainly lots of lace on the island of Burano. And the most wonderfully colourful fishermen’s houses.

I bought some lace souvenirs home too…

Now all this talk about Venetian fabrics needs to end with a quick word or two on fabrics in Adelaide. Yes, back less than 24 hours and I bought more.

It was Gay Naffine’s closing down sale. Lovely to see several old friends and meet some new ones in Gay’s workrooms. And I’m not just talking about the fabrics!

I just *had* to bring these home to make friends with my Venetians.

Now I know what Helen, Grace and Di took home, but what about you?

24 thoughts on “Fabric shopping, Venetian style

  1. It’s been a number of years since I visited Venice, but I loved every moment.
    Love the “curtain” fabric. It will make a beautiful evening jacket. Would be lovely paired with a faux fur πŸ™‚

  2. That’s a great “curtain” find. I have some fabric leftover from curtain making that I’ll make into something one day.
    Venice is a great place – I’ve been there a few times, as both my parents came from Friuli, not far away. Hope to get back there soon.

  3. Beautiful photos and the souvenirs are lovely. That brocade is fabulous, I can see why that needed to come home to Adelaide.

  4. I wish I’d checked your blog before you left. Fortuny fabrics have been making silks and brocades since the early 1900’s, they have a store not far from the piazza San Marco. Every day I was in Venice I stopped at the window to look. One day I ventured inside despite not having the funds or room to fit anything in my luggage. The staff very generously spent half an hour unrolling lengths of beautiful fabrics for me to admire even though they knew I wasn’t going to buy anything. Next time though.

  5. My first time in Venice, I was going in on the train, with the HUGEST full moon rising over the water… such a beautiful memory for me. Beautiful fabrics…. shame your designer fabric source is closing 😦 but great buys. I love the brocade curtaining and the cotton with integrated tucks especially.

  6. I wonder what you’ll make with the white cotton/organza; I bought that last time.
    My best purchase was the Singer iron press, since I’m yet to interface the Gay Naffine turquoise cashmere wool for the ‘sushi’ lady coat pattern, it will save me lots of time. My daughter and I want white jeans, so have bought stuff for multiple toiles.
    Only a few fabrics this time, including some trench fabric, similar colour to Felicity’s trench, though not fleece backed.
    The end of an era…sigh

    1. I’m not sure of the white cotton organza, but Felicity is keen on a lace top, so it will probably end up as that. Have you made yours up yet?
      I was tempted by that iron press. Good to know its gone to a good home. You will find it great for block fusing.
      I looked at that trench fabric too, and reminisced about Felicity’s trench.
      It really is the end of an era. But my stash should last me three or four years…

    1. Thank you. I wonder if I’m boring people with my stash photographs, so its nice to know that there’s at least one of my readers who isn’t bored!

  7. Venice is lovely isn’t it. I didn’t see any garment fabric stores in Venice. Love the silk organza with cotton embroidery. I’ve seen some beautiful, expensive blouses made with that here in Portugal.

  8. missed you at craft night last night but we did a group viewing of your post – fair to say we approve of the purchases and are musing about a craft group tour of Venice.

    1. I missed craft too, but jetlag demanded an early night. Good to hear I have approval! And yes, a craft group visit to Venice (or anywhere with the fabulous craft ladies) is an excellent idea.

  9. Hi sewingElle. Great to meet you at Gay Nafines fabric sale. Beautiful fabrics. It was so difficult saying no, but my arms were full! Thought you may be interested in knowing about a day for dress making enthusiasts which is happening in Adelaide. If you would like more info, send an email. Love your Venice purchases. di. πŸ˜€

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