Let me tell you where I’ve been the last few weeks. Warning: If you are here for the sewing and cooking, time to click away!


This is a city of renaissance statues, lovely architecture, a castle or two and lots of bicycles.

There were bikes in the street being ridden by the folks that live in the city of Trento and clustered in groups outside the hotels. Mountain biking tourism is big in the Trentino region. Trento is in a spectacular glacial valley with glimpses of the Dolomites beyond.

My room had the best view of Trento’s Castello del Buonconsiglio. Just imagine this at 3am with a crescent moon above that tower. Jetlag does have a good side!

The castle itself doesn’t have the most welcoming doors though.

The city square, Piazza del Duomo, has a magnificent cathedral and a whimsical statue of Neptune.

I loved that Neptune was getting a clean the morning I visited, trying to get over my jetlag by walking around in the sun. What a great place these guys get to work!



The real reason I was in Trento was for a wine analytical chemistry conference, In Vino Analytica Scientia, in the next town, Mezzocorona.

So much work, work, work attending this conference! I had to chair a session and judge more than 90 posters! Just in case you thought this was a junket….

The science was excellent.

And the networking events even more so. The wine and cheese welcome event was preceded by an opera recital. Yes opera!

And it was fabulous (and thanks to Andy Waterhouse for that lovely clear shot of the performers at the end. My iPhone is good but not that good).

There were also technical visits to local wineries to break up the heavy science presentation sessions.

And a gala dinner in a castle. Because. Why not? And refer to comment above about how much hard work this all was.

Small sewing/fashion diversion:

My ‘art gallery frock‘ was a total win for traveling (doesn’t crush) and hot weather glamour (loose and airy).

My Austrian colleague, Erich, wore lederhosen to the gala dinner. Real leather lederhosen. See bottom right photo above. He was sartorially splendiferous, but I doubt he was as cool as me.


And, talking of kewl, my last dinner in Trento was with a group of wine science colleagues from around the world at a charming local restaurant, Trattoria PiediCastello (thanks again to Andy for the photos)

Here my dear friend Uli was explaining something profound. What it was I can’t remember (probably soccer). And look at all those paintings. They were literally everywhere.

The rest of the evening was not so serious.

Another sewing/clothing diversion:

The stripy stretch cotton dress I was wearing was another travel star. It is looking a bit corporate for this relaxed dinner, but it was perfect for the formal conference stuff earlier that day in hot humid weather and the winery visit in the afternoon.

Paintings covered every surface in this restaurant. You should have seen the bathroom. The owner and host was amazingly fun, as were my colleagues. The food, shared family style, was authentically delicious. Some people even went dancing in the square afterwards, together with the restaurant owner. Not me! I had an early train to catch to Venice the next morning. La dolce vita indeed!

Now this has already become far too long. Venice will have to be in another post.






6 thoughts on “Trentino

  1. You win, wine chemistry is the best kind. Though my husband, a spectroscopist, says he has adventures with his field spectrometer. But adventure (physical danger) is not everyone’s idea of fun.

  2. What a stellar location for studying and presenting, it’s absolutely gorgeous. And thank you for including a wee bit of sewing….your frock and striped dress are both wonderful.

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