Visiting New York’s Garment District

How has your July and August been?

I have had a great winter. I escaped twice to the northern hemisphere. Two lots of almost two week blocks of summer. (I know. I am very lucky). You’ve already heard about the first ‘escape’ to Northern Italy. The second one was to the US East Coast. It included a few days of free time in New York City with Samantha, a ‘craft lady’ from Adelaide.

You know what that meant. Garment District.


M&J Trimmings

A truly magnificent selection of ribbons, lace, trims, buttons, buckles, hardware…

Samantha and just some of the wonderful ribbons.

It was not possible to walk away without buying at least one of these beauties.

I so wished I had a project that needed feathers

Even the sticky tape dispensers were be-trimmed

Pacific Trimming

This place is zipper heaven

B&J Fabrics

Samantha posing with the mannequins

There were stunning designer fabrics here. A bit like visiting a museum.

Leather impact

We saw some amazing skins and hides here.

I was sorely tempted by a butter-soft baby blue leather. I need to brush up on my leather sewing skills. The last time I worked with leather was in my twenties (a tight black leather skirt for myself and my cousin – we looked great!)

Spandex House

No natural fibres were harmed in the creation of this explosion of colour and design!

I found a lovely springtime cityscape ITY print to bring home

And that striped fabric in the right hand corner was purchased too, but not at Spandex House.

Keep reading…

Mood Fabrics

Once we got here, I wondered why we had bothered going elsewhere. It’s truly a wonderful store. Totally lives up to expectations!

Some of the fabrics that ‘got away’

I didn’t leave this shop empty handed.

Two cotton voiles:


Birds and flowers and maps and botanicals! (excuse the multiple images; the pattern repeat is huge)

A vibrant stretch cotton chock-a-block with nasturtiums

A beautiful digital print polyester twill ( the last yard on the roll! lucky me)

And a most interesting mesh-like-knitted navy and white stripe cotton. The stripes are about 6 cm wide

It has good stretch and recovery, but I don’t think there is any spandex or similar elastic yarn in it. And neither did Etyjn- the stylish Eastern European-accented out of work fashion designer cutting the fabric for me at Mood- after he did a burn test.

Seriously, that’s what he did- pulled out a lighter and did the test on a scrap of fabric right there and then. I gawped, just like the out-of-towner that I was. Then the next out-of-work-designer at another cutting station did the same thing when I asked about fibre composition on another fabric. Clearly it’s just a thing they do. I loved it! I felt surrounded by amazing fabrics and encompassed about by stylish fashion experts with deep knowledge of textiles.

Enough gushing. Back to the fabric. The stretch seems to be knitted in: see that crimp in the thread fraying from the edge? I’m thinking this needs to be made into a slouchy summer sweater, perhaps with a hood. I don’t have a lot of fabric (suitcase size restrictions!) so it will have to be sleeveless or colour blocked.

Thank you Mood!

(Yes, my Jungle January dress went to New York too)

28 thoughts on “Visiting New York’s Garment District

  1. I am living vicariously through your shopping expeditions! Is this your first time in New York?? You always pick the loveliest fabrics. Hope to hear more of your fabric fun, soon.

  2. If I am ever in a position where I need someone to fabric shop on my behalf I’m picking you! I absolutely love all your fabric choices and can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  3. Just in time, will be so thrilled to see these wonderful shops in person in October, my first trip to New York. will only be there for 3 days but I plan to do so much damage!!!!!!!! Thank you for the update, sounds like you had an amazing trip.

    1. I want to make a loose top that will somehow show off the print (there’s a block of neatly lined up shoes and then a sort of border with more of a jumble). But a pattern is so far eluding me!

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