Other NYC attractions. And Boston too

I know. What else would be as good as the Garment District?

But there are some other places that are mildly interesting. Such as:

Times Square

Fabulous for people watching.

And for reduced tickets to Broadway shows

We had a wonderful evening! Le Mis is such a great story and this production of it was excellent

Yes, the Paco Peralta cowl top also went to New York. And to Boston. Here it is under a RTW jacket, on my way to the conference in Boston.

This is a great pattern and, in this cotton voile, the top is ideal for summer travelling. Cool to wear, quick and easy to wash and dry in a hotel room and looks good under a jacket if you need to look a bit more pulled together.

New York Public Library

Freedom Tower and the 9/11 memorial

The Statue of Liberty

and other views from the water

The Highline

A disused elevated rail line converted into a lovely walkway, with a cottage garden feel to it and a sense of community.

What a great idea. We saw street art from a different vantage point, street style photographers (why are they always so stylish and photo- worthy themselves?) and a spot for anyone to add to a lego cityscape. I’ve never seen so many white lego blocks before.

Rooftop bar in Little Korea

Yes, that is the Empire State Building above our bar.


The real reason I was in the US was not to shop in the Garment District of NYC or sip cocktails in rooftop bars. It was to meet with colleagues in Washington DC and attend a chemistry conference in Boston.

Some of the products at the trade show associated with the conference:

Well this is not quite sewing content, but it’s the closest I’ve ever seen a chemistry conference get!

Boston is such an interesting mix of old and new. I love this image of the Old State House, built in 1713, with more modern buildings behind

And there are plenty of other examples of old and new in Boston

I noticed a yellow fire hydrant in front of a yellow bus, and then I saw yellow fire hydrants with other yellow objects, everywhere.

And in between all that chemistry conferencing I managed to buy another piece of fabric.

Winmill Fabrics was just around the corner from my hotel. How could I resist this drapey abstract floral jacquard in silvery blues?

It seems just perfect for this pattern (BurdaStyle 10/2012 #128). And I have an event coming up that needs a fancy frock.

I’ve always loved this pattern and this image (I think the hats might be part of the appeal).

I’m not sure the reversed pleats and the empire waist will be my friend, and the abstract floral with this design could look a bit dowdy, but I think I’ll give it a try.

Wish me luck!

12 thoughts on “Other NYC attractions. And Boston too

  1. A sewist’s dream, a fabric store just around the corner from your hotel ๐Ÿ˜‰ …..but then, maybe a nightmare, too many choices and not enough space in the suitcase. You showed amazing restraint!!!!

  2. OMG,I love that lab coat. Did I tell you the time in OChem when my Grignard reagent formed a bilayer and then exploded when I detached the bulb (thinking it was done and cooled)? Oxidants happen, indeed.

    BTW, I think the fabric/pattern pairing will be lovely.

    1. I hope you were wearing a lab oat and safety glasses when your oxidant happened!
      There were 12 of those lab coats for, all different and a quiz to enter to win them. I entered, but so did most of the 15000 other delegates.

    1. Oh, I didn’t read the other post, silly me!!! Mood Fabrics, sigh…. There’s a shop in the garment district owned by ex-Sydney siders (Fuse-It) that will fuse your fabric for a song too. I had 3 pieces for coats fused there for less than the cost of the interfacing, which they include in the cost. One was a Mood fabric (like Project Runway’s Mondo) giant purple and green houndstooth.

      1. Oh how wonderful. Perhaps it was just as well I didn’t know about it. I was very tempted by coating but felt I didn’t have room in my luggage. Fused coating would have been even more tempting, and would’ve taken up even more space.

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