BurdaStyle 10/2012 #128 midi length fail.

Gorgeous isn’t it?

Let’s see how it translates.

Not so gorgeous.

To be fair, both the skirt and sleeve hems are unfinished, but it was dowdesville, costume-y, and there was no way I was going to wear it.

Shorter looked like it might be better.

35 cm later

35 times more wearable!

Technical details

Pattern: Burdastyle 10/2012 #128

Size: 36-44. It probably ended up more like a 40 or 42 through the bodice. I traced off a 44 and ‘petite-d’ the bodice (removed 2 cm in length front and back above the bust).

After trying it on I took in the sides seams above the raised waist at least 1 cm each and the centre back seam by up to 2 cm each side at the top of the zip. My side seam alterations raised the armscye by 2 cm.

It is still a bit loose through the back.

I scooped out about 2 cm from the bodice to skirt seam between the bust tucks, back to nothing at the tucks themselves. It’s still a bit poofy. I don’t fill out the bust area enough.

Fabric: A mystery jacquard from Winmill Fabrics in Boston. It takes a press beautifully but doesn’t crease too badly. Perhaps there some rayon in it? I should do a burn test!

Whatever the composition, its light drapey-ness, makes for a fun swirly cocktail frock!

38 thoughts on “BurdaStyle 10/2012 #128 midi length fail.

  1. My goodness that made a difference! Good save. Your dress’s neckline’ is quite different to the inspiration dress; I wonder if that didn’t help with the proportions. anyway you’ve got a lovely dress out of it in the end.

    1. The neckline isn’t the best proportions for me. It’s a bit too wide and not deep enough. I knew that before I cut it out, but I am trying to make styles that are new to me ( so far, this strategy is just reaffirming that the styles I normally make are the ones that are best for me, so it’s not really working!). The model photo is a bit misleading too: she is wearing a metallic collar that looks a bit like a real collar on the dress.

  2. Almost like two different dresses, the shorter version looks lovely on you. Hope you had a great night out and felt fabulous!

  3. That fabric looks gorgeous and much more wearable at the new length. Proportion is nearly everything in sewing… that Burda model is obviously 65 feet tall! I wonder sometimes with the Burda that it isn’t the fabric calling me and not the actual pattern. The fabric looks much more silver in the close up and that makes me think that IRL it is even more beautiful than it looks in the photos.

    1. Part of the proportion problem is my body shape- this style would look better on hourglasses and pears than it does on a rectangle.
      It’s hard to get the colour of this fabric realistically reproduced in photos. Its beautiful.

  4. Goodness, the difference between the long and short versions is just breathtaking! I do like the neckline on you and I think your final version looks great on you and works well with your shape. I like your version a lot better than the Burda version in fact!

  5. Wow! That is an amazing transformation. The neckline is gorgeous and so flattering on you. Your dress is so much better than the Burda version and I do love the original version.

  6. Wow, indeed. Amazing what the right length does for the overall look of a garment. Truly, proportion is everything. This is such a pretty dress, and you look so stylish all dressed up ready to party. Excellent save.

  7. Wow, so much better shorter!! I think if you wore the dress with a belt that maybe the poof in the bust might be better too? It will define your waist at least, but what a save! Well done. 🙂

  8. i am glad you were able to save it as it looks really cute on you. I do wonder if you went to big in size right from the start? I know you are an experienced Burda sewer but it just looks too big, particularly compared to their pic on the model.

    1. You are spot on.
      I traced a 44, but I normally trace off a 42.
      Why did I do that? Well, the last Burda pattern I tried (not yet finished or blogged) was a fitted sleeveless sheath from several years ago. The 44 flat pattern measures looked more appropriate, and the toile had about the right amount of ease. It could be that a 44 a few years ago is more like a 42, that I like a fitted sheath to be less fitted than Burda does or that my extra winter padding means I’m a 44 now. I went with the latter explanation!
      My flat pattern measurements of this pattern suggested the ‘ high waist’ of a 44 was about right for me, so that’s what I went with. As you can see in the photos, the bust and back ended up too big.
      Bottom line: make a toile!

  9. The end result does look great, but I’m amazed that you would cut that gorgeous fabric without making a muslin. I’d consider using some of the off-cut to make a self covered belt.

  10. Well you don’t know these things till you try! Great save, it looks so much better as a shorter cocktail dress, what a huge difference from the longer one.

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