Party frock: BurdaStyle 07/2011 #131

This last month has been a whirl of work-related dinners and award nights. All three of them. I know. In between making tops for Felicity, I live such an exciting life!

For the most recent event, coincidentally organized by He Who Cooks, I ventured deep into my stash and selected this teal blue fabric. It already looked like a party in my stash with its border of flippy attached leaves,

Combined with this pattern, also deep in the archives,

I had a frock to hand out awards in.

It was a lot of fun to wear, and a great night.

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 07/2011 #131

Size: 36-44. I made a 44.

Changes I made: I fiddled with this pattern a little.

Firstly I raised the neckline by 1.5 cm. As drafted it wasn’t scandalous, but all my bras, even the low cut balconette styles, showed in the corners. The neckline proportions are still good.

I omitted the sleeve bands and moved the zip and slit to the back after adding a centre back seam. I think the crinkling below is due to me moving around; not drag lines.

I changed it from a princess style to a darted style. This was because I wanted to limit how many seams I had to sew through the attached leafy section: three had to be better than six!

So, how did I do this?

I lined the two front pieces up so that the cutting lines abutted at the lower edge. And did the same for the back pieces. I cut out single layer and right side up, so I could avoid cutting leaves in the wrong place.

I was going to use a tracing wheel to mark the ‘darts’ but I couldn’t find my tracing paper (I had recently ‘tidied up’. Bad move)

So instead I cut the ‘darts’ out with a 5 mm seam allowance.

This actually worked out brilliantly. The dress lost its long paneled style lines, but it was going to anyway with all that fluff at the hem.

Fabric: A crinkled polyester, probably with some nylon content, purchased  from Marché St Pierre in 2013. I love having souvenirs in my stash! The leaves are cut out from the same fabric on a straight ‘stem’, and then seven ‘stems’ stitched onto the fabric along one of the selvages to form a border.

The event was held at Carrick Hill in Adelaide, starting with pre-dinner drinks and canapes on the lawn.

After drinks we went through a garden doorway to our marquee overlooking another of the gardens.

And enjoyed a delicious meal (interspersed with speeches and award presentations…)

Of course, being an event for the wine industry, there was a wine options game. What variety of grapes were they made from? (red wasn’t the right answer…) What sort of oak was used? What year? It was serious stuff.

Despite the deep focus in this part of the event, it wasn’t all seriousness all night long.

It was a great night.

Thanks to ASVO for use of the professional photos taken at the event  by Allan Griffin, Xmark Photography, and Felicity for the front garden shots.

22 thoughts on “Party frock: BurdaStyle 07/2011 #131

  1. What a great dress! I’m well impressed with your pattern adaptation, would never have thought of that. And the neckline is just where it should be, imho, I think you have achieved a better look than the original.

    1. This dress makes me smile. When your dress looks like a party, you feel like one too. Don’t tell me clothes don’t have magic powers! Specially hand made ones, of course.

    1. Thank you. I’m trying not to have fabrics in my stash that are too good to cut into.
      Felicity is deeply unimpressed that this fabric did not end up as a garment for her. I have enough left for a scarf. Does that count?

  2. Great use of your amazing fabric. Thanks for sharing the tips to convert seams to darts, I’ve done this when I’ve been a tiny bit short on fabric as well.

  3. What gorgeous and fun fabric, you must be v pleased with your dress, clever idea to reduce the number of seams… Isn’t it nice to have good memories of where you bought the fabric, as well as of the occasion….

  4. All the adjectives have been used already – you have perfectly and comfortably, produced the relaxed and yet professional outfit without the hair pulling or anxiety. – an absolute perfect frock.

    Gosh, toiu have wirhwind og social; e ngaegements to zttend, whnile `i do parents’ nigbhthsQ

    1. My keyboard lost reality – sorry – Here’s the real message – You might have a whirlwind of social engagements to attend but I merely have parents’ evenings and nobody seems to give a second thought to what I’m wearing.
      You, however, are looking more fabulous than ever.

      1. Firstly I love that your keyboard had a glitch. And secondly, what about your mystery engagement where you have to look glamorous from 7 am 11 pm? Thirdly. Thanks !

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