All the teal things: Paco Peralta Draped Top

My party frock in the last post is my favourite colour. I even love how this thread of this colour looks in my overlocker.

So lets keep making all the teal things.

A piece of fine teal woven fabric in my stash turned into another Paco Peralta top.

Just like that!

Technical details

Pattern: Paco Peralta’s Draped Top

I have his original version, but it’s now available as sleeveless and with long sleeves

Size: S-XL (bust 80 to 104 cm). Last time I traced off between an L and an XL, but it was a bit too big. This time I traced off an L .

Changes I made: Instead of cutting the back with a centre back seam, I placed the pattern piece on the fold. Paco drafted the centre back with some shaping, which I lost by being lazy…. I also added 5 cm to the length .

Fabric: This one is a mystery. I think it’s a fine wool. It smells like wool when I press it. I had it marked as being a gift from B via her daughter M, but both of them deny any knowledge of it. Whatever, its lovely to wear.

Love this colour. Love this pattern!

19 thoughts on “All the teal things: Paco Peralta Draped Top

  1. This is such a lovely pattern. One could never have enough of these blouses ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beautiful color ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Beautiful work! I love this pattern too (I made myself a satin top with it). It comes together so easily and the overall effect is so refined.

  3. Perfect new top. Everytime I see one of these I’m reminded that the lovely Paco gifted me this pattern when I met him in Barcelona and I’ve never made it. This summer!!!

  4. Cowl neck tops are not my favourite cut, but when I see yours, I like the idea to sew this one with two matching fabrics (or two different / contrasty). Well done! Philo

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