Asymmetric wrap skirt; BurdaStyle 12/2013 #109

Once upon a time, Sewingelle fell in love with a handsome skirt pattern

And then this came along from her favourite RTW store, Veronika Maine

How could she choose between these two loves?

As the initial infatuation wore off, she started to see faults. Why didn’t the RTW version come in navy? The wrap part looked a bit tacked on, like a straight skirt with an extra bit.

Luckily she remembered she was a seamstress and that she could combine all the things she loved into one garment.

This dream skirt stayed in her virtual wardrobe together with all the other garments she’d already sewn up in her mind. It’s a large space.

Finally her wish was granted.


Why did it take so long from inspiration to realization?

She isn’t a very fast seamstress.

A trial version of the pattern was made last summer. It never made it to the blog because Sewingelle always meant to go back and take better photos. Ones that she looked less like a zombie in.

She loved this skirt and wore it a lot. Too much. It got quite shabby. It was time to make the real version!

Technical Details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 12/2013 #109

Size: 34-44, I made a 42 (waist) + 44 (hips) with a 1.5 cm sway back adjustment.

Changes I made:

The trial version was just like Burda instructed, except I didn’t use petersham for the waist. Instead I cut a waistband from my fashion fabric as a simple rectangle, with a finished height of 3 cm.

I also didn’t trim the zip edges with petersham, but left them as they were. I didn’t have a separating zip the right size, and it wasn’t two way. What I did have was one of those chunky plastic separating zips that was a bit too long. So I cut it to size, zigzagged the edges (horror, yes I really was that slapdash) and added a cute silver zip pull.

The two toned version was similar, except I drafted a separate yoke piece. Yes I reused the snowman!

I decided on the back yoke depth by how long the darts were. I closed up the darts and smoothed out the curve.

There’s a little bit bubbling were the end of the darts should have been but this seems to have worked well.

The front yoke pieces were then drafted to the same depth as the back for the left side, and angled down parallel to the hem for the right side. I closed up the darts for these pieces too.

My fabric is reversible. It’s the last remnants from a piece that has yielded a jacket and skirt using this side and a peplum top from the reverse.

I cut the facing in the reverse, because I could. Satin bias tape was used on the hem.

Those of you paying attention will know that the last time you saw this yellow top, Felicity was wearing it. She rejected it. Now its mine, all mine!

Narrator: Sewingelle and her skirt lived happily ever after.



28 thoughts on “Asymmetric wrap skirt; BurdaStyle 12/2013 #109

    • These shoes garner compliments from everyone. Mother-in-law looked at them enviously yesterday afternoon and said they were her sort of shoes. You covet them. Young work colleagues like them. Even teenage daughter approves!

  1. lovely, Liz, I especially like the yoke you’ve added. Is it a mock wrap? ie pencil skirt with extra panel in front. Like your version better than RTW and Burda’s picture. I recognise the Gay Naffine fabric, you have got a lot of garments out of it… Cool snakeskin sandals too!

    • It’s a real wrap, and that’s why its essential to have a separating zip. The ‘real wrap-ness’ also adds to its wearability- very easy to sit in and take long strides in.
      I’m a bit sad that there is nothing but the smallest remnants of this fabric left. Its been great to wear in all the garments I’ve made with it, and still looks terrific wash after wash.
      They are cool sandals. I need more green and lime and yellow garments so I can wear them more!

  2. SewingElle is right on the money with this outfit! I love it. Although I can’t wear yellow, I so love it and it looks terrific on you. I really love this outfit and I need to make that skirt too… already made in my minds closet too!

    • Sewingelle thought she couldn’t wear yellow either. Don’t know if its aging skin or more broad mindedness about colour!
      You probably do need to make that skirt. Get it out of the virtual wardrobe and into real life!

  3. Wow! Both version are wonderful but the second one is just incredible.

    Lincraft sells separating zips that look like invisible zips – I know because I keep accidentally buying them instead of invisible zips! Oops.

    • Sitting down is good.
      It’s a real wrap skirt with the overlap extending pretty much straight down from dart to dart at the front. On the left is the zip, on the right is a button at the waistband. When I’m seated, the overlap overlaps all the way down, except for about 1 cm at the bottom. I think the longer and angled right front helps with this.
      Very modest and totally comfortable.

  4. Wow that’s a great skirt and works so well with the reversible fabric – Happy Days! (And yay Felicity didn’t want the yellow top as it is stunning on you!). I have to say I looked at this skirt pattern and didn’t really notice it but now I do and it’s on my list of “one day” lol. Perfect!

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  5. I was so happy to find this review! I’ve had this pattern for years and am ready to sew it for the first time. I can’t find the instructions anywhere and wonder if you could share them with me?

    • Of course! Its Burda, so they’re brief. I’ll photograph them/scan them later today and send them to the email address linked to your comment. Sorry for the delayed response. Holidays will do that to you!

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