Best sewing day ever

I had the best sewing day ever with my dear friend M of Nonsuch

Two sewing machines and the overlocker. Sewing themed T shirt. Champagne. Delicious leftovers from the previous efforts of He who Cooks… Bliss!

We were selfless sewers too. M made a great shirt for Ken, and I finally got around to making the Rachel Comey skirt with cool pockets for Felicity. You know, the one that everyone else has made, multiple times over. Vogue 1247, now OOP

I lengthened the skirt 18 cm. The fabric is a cotton canvas from IKEA and it’s very very firm. I probably should have gone a size up in this fabric to a 14 for comforts sake.

While the pattern was out I cut out and made another top for myself too. My selfless sewer halo slipped a bit..


What about that formal dress, I hear you say.

I have made some progress:

I’ve located a neoprene/scuba fabric source (Spotlight, thanks Jann) and I have two patterns to use as a guide for the bodice:

I thought I’d use a princess line dress pattern I have already modified to fit Felicity well as my starting point and modify the upper bust and neckline to be more like the two above, as I’ve scrawled in red below.

Do you think I could find the pattern?? Every other traced-off pattern I’ve ever sewn, and some I haven’t, are neatly filed and exactly where I expect them to be. Except this one. Grr.

15 thoughts on “Best sewing day ever

  1. Your daughter’s skirt is lovely but then I have a soft spot for V1247! BTW, I’m sure the pattern will show up – the minute you stop looking for it! 🙂

  2. Wow, I cant imagine a better day. I’m a bit like ‘Sew, Jean Margaret’ but yesterday was my birthday and i did indulge in a little sewing for pleasure! I work from home doing alterations of all sorts, a lot of weddings and dressmaking for formal’s, wedding etc.
    I’ve had a couple of alterations of this neoprene fabric, interestingly one was just straight stitched ( I was surprised because the fabric is stretchy) the other was completely put together with 4 thread overlocker! I also used a ball point sewing needle, I’d be interested to know what is the recommended to use with this fabric.
    Its actually encouraging to see someone working out and adjusting just like I would!
    good luck and above all else enjoy, even those jobs that are difficult are always gratifying when they work out, just as you planned even if there was a learning curve or difficulty in the process. hmm that pattern it will be right where you left it!! I spent a day hunting and found I’d left it in the bag I took into town when looking for fabric so I knew how much fabric to buy 🙂

    1. You’re right. That pattern is exactly where I put it. I just need to work out where that was! Interesting that you’re seeing neoprene in formal gowns that come to you for alterations. And that construction is so varied. I’ve sewn with it once before and used a narrow zigzag. Overlooking just added too much bulk and, since it doesn’t fray, that level of seam finish seemed unnecessary.
      Happy birthday for yesterday!

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