The mindfulness dress: BurdaStyle 07/2011 #131

No I haven’t found that pattern yet.

But lets talk about something different.

Why should the mindfulness colouring in trend be limited to paper?

Fabric can be coloured in too!

I had a lot of fun with this dress.

And who says it over? Boring meeting? I can whip out my textas and zen out some more. There’s plenty more to do..

This dress started as a toile. The fabric has been in my stash for some time.

I wasn’t too concerned about the selvedge showing on the centre back seam, because this was a toile.

Does it really matter if part of the text printed on the selvedge “Designed by Sissi Edholm & Lisa Ullenius 2005 IKEA of Sweden AB” shows on the slit?? (It was deep stash. 2005 makes it almost vintage!)

Then I tried it on, and really liked the dress as well as really liking the pattern (the pattern was subsequently used for the teal party frock).

This would be a great hot weather dress I thought. Specially in linen, which is exactly what this fabric is. Pity about the selvedge.

So I lined and finished it. And then did a bit of colouring in.

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 07/2011 #131

Size: 36-44. I made a 44.

Fabric: Linen outer from IKEA (deep stash) and a lining from cotton batiste with a light sparkly coating from Ferrier Fashion Fabrics– it feels lovely against my skin.

The black and white linen got some extra colour round the waist thanks to textas.

These were not special fabric pens. I did a trial run with a scrap and washed it. None of the colours I wanted to use ran, except purple, and maybe red just a teensy nit. The red did bleed a bit after the first wash too.

Bleach might turn out to be my new best friend.

Changes I made:

I moved the zip and the walking slit to the back and fully lined the dress rather than just faced the neck line.

The sleeves stick out. They also stick out on other sewists who made this dress with sleeves, like Doctor T and njnow02.

I double and triple checked that the pieces went together in the right way. So either they are marked incorrectly, or the model in the fashion shoot has amazingly broad shoulders.

This is a great pattern. I need to make another version! I do have the traced off pattern filed away where it should. Now, back to looking for the other one…

27 thoughts on “The mindfulness dress: BurdaStyle 07/2011 #131

  1. I love this! It looks so great, and I love the positioning of the colouring in starting from the midriff… I can definitely imagine it radiating out over time!

    I was going to say it looks to me like the model is shrugging her shoulders up but there’s a shot of it on a dressform not sticking out so much. And it can’t just be because it’s a drapey fabric, it looks like a totally different sleeve! I like how they look, anyhow, but I’m always a bit irritated when something like that is drastically different from the pattern.

  2. What a great dress! And I love the idea of keeping oneself out of trouble in a boring meeting! The model has square broad shoulders, imho. I encounter that when sewing for DD1. She requires a full 3cm of squaring and broadening the shoulders on any given pattern. I should have a look at this for her.

  3. I saw some fabric at Hart’s that was just asking to be colored in but I choked at the idea of doing the whole yardage. This is a brilliant idea, just emphasizing the style lines! I must copy you STAT. I’ve always liked this pattern, you wear it beautifully.

  4. O-M-G (omg, does saying omg make me very old-fashioned?) I love this dress! Thre is just nothing I don’t think is great about this – I want one too straight away.

    • do you think I would know about old fashioned?! Actually, the teenagers around here are still omg-ing. You’re either old fashioned or like Adelaidean teens.
      This really is a great and classic pattern, and you should have one too.

  5. What a fun dress! The style looks great on you ,but the fabric and the random coloring is so cool. Coloring books for adult are everywhere here in the US. Even in the magazine rack at the checkout stands in the grocery store.

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