Formal dress drafting…part 1

Felicity *loves* this part of dressmaking

As a side note, who would have known printed scuba was so good for toiles?

When it’s inside out you can draw in the changes so easily with sharpies or textas (and random smiley faces too), plus re-pinning the seams is a cinch!

I think textas might be my new favourite sewing tool.

How the toile is looking so far.

I haven’t yet tried it on the live model. See first photo for reason.

Once I have, and it’s all okay, the next step is to work out how to add internal support. I’m thinking a sort of shelf bra arrangement with cups. Unchartered territory for me. This could all end in tears!

7 thoughts on “Formal dress drafting…part 1

  1. Felicity is a very lucky young woman. What a dream it would be to have my own personal dressmaker! I love the fabric that you’ve chosen. What a lovely dress this will be.

    1. It’s gorgeous isn’t it? But it just being used for the bodice toile and I don’t have enough for the dress. There could be more in the shop….
      The real thing will be solid orange. Unless she can be convinced to swap !

  2. hehehe…. your photo of Felicity at the beginning is hilarious. I so feel the pain of fitting unwilling models! They’re happy to have the finished garment, but mine can’t stand still to save their lives from a pin prick!

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