Orange Scuba for 2016 Royal Blue Formal

Felicity had an awesome time at her school formal. I took squillions of photos at the ‘before party’, and don’t seem to have even one sewing blog worthy one.

Oh well, I’ve already told you about the sewing details here and here and the inspiration dress here.

Can’t you just hear this conversation?

Megan: What’s with the raw edge? Didn’t your mum have time to finish the hem?

Felicity: I know. Can’t get good seamstresses these days

(Actually, it was more along the lines of dealing with a train)

Ah, one sewing relevant photo below: the lining (playing a double act here as glasses cleaning material)

This photo shows that I really should’ve ‘hemmed’ her dress a little higher. Or Felicity should’ve worn higher heels…

What this photo also shows is only one date. I love that the girls didn’t feel they had to take a guy with them if they didn’t want to. Go Girl Power!

Felicity wasn’t the only one whose outfit was made by her mum.

Sally did an awesome job of Sophie’s jumpsuit.

The dress code for some family members at the ‘before party’ wasn’t quite at the same standard, but they were still part of the fun.

27 thoughts on “Orange Scuba for 2016 Royal Blue Formal

  1. I may be a little partial, but I agree that Felicity wins the best dress award. The color and fit are just so spot on. Way to go!

    1. Thank you. Scuba was a great choice. It surprised me too when I saw scuba gowns in the formal dress boutiques, but it really does make sense: great colours and enough weight with the right amount of stretch to get a good fit. And the price is good too!

  2. I really don’t want to sound repetitive, but what is true is true: Felicity just has the best dress of them all and she wears to to perfection!

  3. Felicity looks brilliant – the dress is stunning on her and her hair and accessories are all perfect. Not being a jumpsuit person, I am pleased to see two (!) jumpsuits in the line up which are not at all unpleasant.

  4. Felicity is beautiful and her amazing dress suits her perfectly. I love the colour, the fit is perfect, and I have a particular fondness for the glass cleaning shot cleverly exhibiting the nicely co-ordinated lining.

  5. What a stunner – actually, stunners, both the dress and the girl within. Felicity’s dress really stands out – in a very good way! Can you fit into it too?

  6. This school formal photo of all the girls is so similar to my daughter’s. There were a few dates floating around but I think they were “ditched” by the end of the evening. Girls just wanna have fun!

  7. These girls are so wonderfully adventurous and colourful. My daughter wore sequins and black but the majority of girls wore black…too boring for young beauties.

  8. I am terribly behind with comments, but have to say that I LOVE Felicity’s dress! She looks stunning, as do her group of friends. I love the colour and fun reflected in their clothing (do I dare to say age-appropriate?) and you sewed that dress beautifully. So great to see!

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