Classic navy top in a modern shape: BurdaStyle 02/2016 #103

I really love this top!

I love the fabric.

I love the high low hem

I love the plain back.

I even love the silly little pocket!

I especially love the proportions: sort of crop toppish, but I can lift my arms and not scare anyone with my midriff! ( too be fair, this is a high waisted skirt!)

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 02/2016 #103

There’s been a few nice versions of this pattern appearing in the sewing blog world lately: Handmade by Chris  and The Compulsive Seamstress are two I’ve seen in the last few days

Size: 36-44, I made a 42

Fabric: A beautiful soft cotton knit with fabulous recovery. Bought from Gay Naffine’s sales more than 5 years ago. Sadly this is the last of this piece. The back is slightly sheer polyester crepey chiffon, from deep in the stash. Probably 15 to 20 years old. Vintage!

I cut the back out of a double layer and joined the pieces together at the hem- so that’s a seam rather than a tuned up hem. After joining at the hem, I baste all the edges together and treated the double layer as if it was a single layer

The pocket is the wrong side of the cotton knit. I ironed on interfacing around the edges to give it a bit more structure. I didn’t want a stretched out pocket when I sewed it on!

Changes I made:

Burdastyle intends the neck facing strip to be turned to the inside. I treated it more like a classic T-Shirt neckline binding, so it fills the neck in a little bit.

It also adds a contrast to the back view.

Now, how many more should I make?

29 thoughts on “Classic navy top in a modern shape: BurdaStyle 02/2016 #103

  1. I bought this book the other day and there are several patterns in there that appeal to me for a change. This pattern is one of them. I love yours! The seaming of the back was a good tip as was the pocket interfacing.

  2. I think you should make loads more! I love how you stitched the back pleat closed for a few cms – I think that looks a lot better than the original.
    Must put little pockets on my versions – they really are cute.

      1. Well, maybe that IS the instructions and the line drawing is different. It certainly SHOULD be instructions, but with Burdastyle you never know…

    1. Of course. And if my dearest friends couldn’t wait until I felt I had enough of these tops, those who sew would be most welcome to borrow the pattern..

  3. I really love this top too. You need loads – you need some to wear with jeans, chinos and shorts: posh skirts and casual skirts: PJ bottoms and just plain knickers!

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