No natural fibers were harmed: Burdastyle long line vest 12/2015 #107

Vest in plastic. So fantastic.

This story started with a gift of some very cool fabric from Jann. It is some sort of perforated synthetic double mesh, with excellent body.

This fabric said “long line vest” or some other dramatic and impractical garment. Right from the very beginning.

I knew it would be perfect for BurdaStyle 12/2015 #107.

I chose not to line it. The see through effect is kinda cool.

There’s pleather on the ‘lapels’, another bonded leather type strip on the armholes, acetate for the pocket bags and polyester satin bias binding on the edges. See? No natural fibers anywhere!

That theme continued for the rest of the outfit, the top was made from a viscose nylon spandex ponte and the skirt from a viscose ottoman. Then… Felicity added her own natural beauty, and all that synthetic-ness was balanced out!

Err, maybe not.

Technical details

Pattern details: BurdaStyle 12/2015 #107

Size 38-42, I made a 40 with a 42 bust on the front only. No FBA. Seemed to have enough ease.

Sewing with pleather. And no walking foot. What to do?

The tissue paper trick worked a treat.

The nice clean edge of the pleather on top of the mesh and a edgestitch foot made it very easy.

Tear off the tissue

and viola!

For the armscye binding, I used a piece of strapping (I think? ). It was purchased in Fill2000 (65, rue Réamur, 2nd arrondissement, Paris) a few years ago with a belt in mind, but I used something else instead. So it was waiting for this project.

It’s a bit like bias binding, with the edges turned into the centre on the back of the strap, and glued down. I split it in two and then took advantage of the stickiness to hold it in place for the first round of stitching.

Then I turned the trim onto the front and stitched in place..

Never leave your phone with teenagers.

20 thoughts on “No natural fibers were harmed: Burdastyle long line vest 12/2015 #107

  1. People who are idiots complain about the “kids of today”. I think the “kids of today” are awesome!
    Also, those people who complain about the “kids of today” are the ones who raised the parents of the kids of today, but they don’t get the irony of their complaints!

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