Turning souvenir fabric into a winter Tee-top: BurdaStyle 06/2016 #101

Yes I did bring back some fabric souvenirs from Philadelphia. I’ll tell you about them later.

Today is about souvenirs of Brighton.

In particular, a lovely grey and baby blue boiled wool.

I scored the last of that fabric on the roll, and it was only 1.2 m of 120 wide. Options were limited.

Should I make a jacket with contrast sleeves? Or that really simple T-Shirt top in Burdas June issue?

You know, the one that should be made with soft or thin or drape-y fabric.

In other words, all the things my fabric was not.

You know where this is going don’t you?

I give you winter sweater with ridiculous wide and short sleeves

I like it! Despite its being a catalogue of all the things poor fitting: draglines and excess fabric under the arms.

And the pooling in the small of my back (or is that just me trying to stand up too straight?)

In its defense, it really is lovely fabric.

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 06/2016 #103A

The line drawing is not distorted… The top really is that shape

Size: 36-44, I made a 42 and added 5 cm to the length. The fabric has some mechanical stretch so I used a shallow zig zag stitch for construction.

I finished the neck edge with a bias strip of cotton batiste (a remnant from I’ve-done-all-the-dumb-things-dress)

A ‘tag’ to make it easy to tell the front from the back


and inside views

No need for seam finishes or hems on the sleeves (selvedge) or the bottom ( just a cut edge)

And I love the way it can be folded up with such simplicity.

So, the last word?

Very happy this sweater is in my wardrobe. It’s a reminder of Brighton, and of accepting diversity in all aspects of life, even pattern styles.

Plus its cozy and warm and some of my favourite colours.


20 thoughts on “Turning souvenir fabric into a winter Tee-top: BurdaStyle 06/2016 #101

  1. I like it too. It’s basically just a bunch of rectangles, so not meant to be the “perfectly fitted” garment. Love the contrast trim too!

    1. Thanks. I’ve probably been a bit harsh about the rectangles, at least through the body of the garment. There is some subtle shaping there. Just none in the sleeves!

  2. Beautiful fabric and you have created a perfectly unique garment – it works especially how you have styled it. I buy material as a souvenir too .

  3. The simplicity is so appealing. I really like that style.. the large sleeves and I love 3/4 sleeves. I wish I could get some of this years Burda in the library. The fabric is so pretty.

  4. Your post has proved my thinking about this pattern – great design but might be better in a lightweight knit. I quite like it as a layering piece though!

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