Liberty Love in a blouse: Burdastyle 10/2012 #122

I finally did it!

Did what, you ask? Cut into my Liberty of London fabric.

It only took two and a half years.

Purchased in London in April 2014.

Sewn and worn in Adelaide in October 2016.

I’ve understood the love for Liberty prints for a long time. Now I totally get the love for sewing Liberty.

Especially this print. I can have hot pink buttons and yellow button holes.

And look how good it looks without proper ironing… this was photographed straight after the blouse had been to craft night to have buttons sewn on, then folded up and squished in my craft bag for a couple of days.

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 10/2012 #122

Size: 36-44, I made a 42, with a 1 cm sway back adjustment – I added a centre back seam for this.

I’m not convinced it made a lot of difference. This style is loose fitting

Changes I made:

I modified the yoke flaps like last time when I used this pattern for Felicity. They are cut out doubled so they end up with a fold at the lower edge. Burda says to finish and turn in the neck edge so they’d turn out like a loop, but I sewed the neck edges together with right sides to right sides. Mine look more like gun flaps from a trench coat.

I added little slits on the ‘cuffs’

I love this fabric

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16 Responses to Liberty Love in a blouse: Burdastyle 10/2012 #122

  1. I love that fabric, too! I have some Liberty fabric which I purchased in Bermuda over 25 years ago – and I am still searching for the perfect pattern for it! It never goes out of style, does it? Your blouse is lovely!

  2. Nonsuch says:

    this is very lovely. I especially love the button/buttonhole colours – I think it gives it an edge that Liberty doesn’t always have.

  3. Thimberlina says:

    Worth the wait! The right pattern and the courage always come along eventually. 😀

  4. I have two pieces of Liberty just waiting to be cut. But I’m not going to wait long because once I’ve cut it, I have an excuse to go buy more 😉 Your blouse is lovely, by the way! The colourful buttons and buttonhole thread are fun.

  5. sew Treefog says:

    Your blouse looks gorgeous. Good fabrics are like good wine – they should be allowed to mature and wait for the perfect occasion 😉

  6. kristy says:

    I understand your hesitation – Liberty is such lovely fabric. But you picked a great pattern, this blouse looks lovely on you. I have a Liberty shirt I’ve worn constantly for years and the fabric is still in great condition

  7. sewruth says:

    Love it! And no front gaping either…

  8. Gail says:

    Liberty prints are so lovely to work with. Finished blouse looks great.

    • SewingElle says:

      Thanks Gail. I’ve admired Liberty from afar for a long time but there is nothing like sewing it and then wearing it yourself to get what all the fuss is about. So much more than a nice print!

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