Valedictory Dinner in a Halter Maxi Dress: BurdaStyle 06/2016 #106

Valedictory: bidding farewell, this weekend, to secondary schooling.

Just an exam or two (or in Felicity’s case, about 14!) and it’s all over. So lets go out in style.

Technical details:

Pattern: Burdastyle 06/2016 #106

Size: 34 – 42, I made a 40, sort off, with an FBA, slightly larger waist, a bit higher through the back, plus a swayback adjustment. In other words, I adjusted the pattern to fit….after several muslins.


The outer fabric is a digital printed polyester chiffon from my local fabric store: Ferrier Fabrics. It had a slight crepe-y feel and wasn’t totally terrible to sew with, like polyester chiffons are wont to be.

The inner bodice/underlining was constructed from a remnant of navy polyester taffeta, leftover from an evening dress I made and wore when I was pregnant with Felicity (lots of lovely memories sewn into this dress!). The skirt was lined to mid thigh with acetate lining in navy. I used a simple A-line skirt shape for the lining.

It’s a good design: boning in the bodice give the structure needed, and then the draped and twisted and crossed over, over bodice, adds the softness.

I did the cross over opposite to the design, because this worked better for Felicity.

It was a very lovely evening. Even bad iPhone photos taken in the semi dark can’t take away the smiles!

27 thoughts on “Valedictory Dinner in a Halter Maxi Dress: BurdaStyle 06/2016 #106

  1. Felicity looks lovely! Graduation is such a lovely time. My son graduates from High School next Monday and they don’t have a dinner because there is 600 in his year group. The school does hire a sports arena for the occasion so all of the parents and families can attend. I can’t decide how I feel about him graduating. It has rather snuck up on me.

    1. 600 in one year level! I can hardly imagine. Felicity’s school has had events all year, so we are well prepared for the End Of Schooling. There have been some teary moments…

  2. You have sewn her so many stunning dresses! As always, she looks divine. I can’t imagine my kids finishing school, but know that it will happen in a blink.

    1. This is my favourite of the fancy frocks I’ve sewn for her. I can hardly believe she is finishing school either. Kindergarten graduation doesn’t seem all that long ago!

  3. Your daughter looks stunning, such a gorgeous dress, it’s extra special wearing a dress that has been made with love.

  4. Absolutely stunning! I love that print, I often see (and if I am honest, often buy!) amazing prints in sheer fabrics, but I find them so difficult to work with they just sit in my stash looking pretty. This dress looks perfect, you clearly have great skills and patience!

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