Silk chiffon tablecloth dress: BurdaStyle 03/2015 #121

Another awards dinner. What a social whirl wind my life is! Ha. It is. So. Not. But it did mean that another dress required.

The wonderful online sewing community* gave me courage to cut into a silk chiffon that has been in my stash for far too long

*Thanks @bimbleandpimble for hosting #bpsewvember!

This fabric was perfect for this style (Burdastyle 03/2015 #121)

Lining a silk chiffon dress would have been an excellent idea, but instead I purchased a short RTW slip in black.

The black slip ends just above the mid thigh side slits (where my fingers are in the photo below), but all the horizontal lines in the fabric mean it’s not a sharp cutoff line

The only things I did differently to last time was to omit the in-seam pockets and use self made bias rather than a facing for the neckline. The V was a bit tricky. Best not to look too close on the inside. Oh and I also used a selvedge strip to reinforce the zip opening.

I tried not to over stress about pattern matching at seams (impossible shifty fabric to cut out..), so I’m pleased that it turned out not too bad through the centre back zip

So that’s me using the same pattern again… I’m even thinking of making a third version of this dress in a knit. Apart from basics like pencil skirts, I never do that. Have I inadvertently got older and wiser? Heaven forbid!

20 thoughts on “Silk chiffon tablecloth dress: BurdaStyle 03/2015 #121

  1. Gorgeous! I need that pattern now too lol- I find that I’m also making several versions of successes, especially dresses. There are three patterns each represented 3-4 times in my wardrobe, and all get regular use. No one has ever noticed they’re the same dress though!
    No idea what it was about the V that foxed you, but did you try the trick of sewing across the point for 2-3 stitches? Sounds weird but actually produces really sharp V turns…

    1. Little stitch’s at the V is a great trick. My main problem was using self made bias in silk chiffon to finish a V neck. That bit underneath the point on the inside is just not neat and tidy.

  2. How beautiful Liz, the print reminds me of stained glass windows. Was this a Gay Naffine fabric? How did I miss it, if so!!!! I’m sewing a vintage crepe de chine, not a beast like silk chiffon, I recommend reinforcing the invisible zip area with interfacing too.
    Currently I’m also selflessly sewing basics for the daughter, including a striped cardy (so called 2h pattern, taken me over 6 h so far) (insert eye roll emoji)

    1. Thank you, and sorry for the delayed response. Holidays are busy..
      No this wasn’t a Gay Naffine fabric, but one I picked up in Goldhawk Road, London, ages ago.
      You are good for sewing for others, and positively saintlike for sewing basics for others.

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