Ghost Fish dress: BurdaStyle 07/2016 #117

My love of African wax print fabrics continues to burn strongly. Even after sewing two of them up.

First up was the ghost fish.

This is based on BurdaStyle 07/2016 #117

I really liked the asymmetric and wrapped straps of this design, but I wanted to check the fit and style before committing to the fabric I had in mind for this dress. So I traced off just the right side and mirrored it.

The Fit.


I forgot to measure myself and measure the pattern. I just traced out a 42. Well, at least that’s what I think I did. The bodice and skirt darts didn’t match up, so perhaps I didn’t?? Any way. Whatever.

It was way too tight through the bust and a bit tight through the waist. There was no way that zip was doing up all the way.

I could have donated this dress, but I really wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the fabric.

What to do? I’d already faced and finished the neckline so I didn’t want to open up the princess seams. Since they were already trimmed and overlocked (I know, rookie mistake), I wasn’t going to get much out of them anyway. And there were no side seams. A lovely design feature. But not so good when alternations are required.

So, I had to do it. Had to slice through where the side seams should be, and add a black ‘racing stripe’ down the side. Right through that beautifully positioned dark vertical stripe I had spent quite a bit of time on when cutting out. Oh well. It did give me another 3 cm in width.

Now wearable. And having pockets makes it both wearable and lovable!

Plus who wouldn’t love a navy and yellow dress with ghost fish?!

23 thoughts on “Ghost Fish dress: BurdaStyle 07/2016 #117

  1. The neckline placement looks exactly right the way it is. Do you often find the neckline a bit wide with Burda?

    • I like the neckline too. Of course this doesn’t tell me what the one shoulder version would be like but at least I know about the fit.
      Burda necklines are usually fine on me width wise. I am broad shouldered. The line drawing usually tells me how wide they will be on me.
      Depth is another story! I’m shortwaisted and sometimes take a cm or two out above the bust for a design that looks regular. I often take the neckline up a few cms for Burdas plunging neckline styles

  2. Great save – and no-one would guess that it wasn’t meant always to have been like that!
    I have been trying to avoid buying the African prints offered in Birmingham market – I suspect that I will be less successful next time now that I have seen multiple wonderful garments made with them.
    Enjoy your dress 🙂

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