Short boxy tops: BurdaStyle 06/2015 #106

There has been a bit of (totally justified IMO) criticism of Burdastyle magazines lately.But it’s not all bad. Some of those boxy patterns actually turn out alright.

Let me show you my evidence

The cute Felicity version

The trial version without the collar and tie for Mum

For a boxy top I say this is a bit of a winner!

Technical Details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 06/2015 #106

For the mum version, I traced off the dress, BurdaStyle 06/2015 #107 at the blouse level

Size: 36-44, I made a 42 for both Felicity and myself. No we are not the same size. It’s boxy- no need for fancy fitting finnanigans

As you can see, I just turned the sleeve hem under. No proper 3 cm hem for me!


Both are from my local Spotlight store. Mine is a Japanese cotton, Felicity’s is a linen cotton mix with very cute embroidery.

I did flat felled seams on the linen. First time. Woohoo! Love my flat felling foot. Might have done them inside out. Oh well. Beginner.

I didn’t follow Burda’s instructions to cut the button band on the bias. I also doubled it for a bit of extra strength for the button holes (but didn’t interface it)


Let me tell you about the buttons.

Mine are vintage hand-me–downs from a lovely elderly church friend. She’s English so they could even be from the UK via a wool coat that gone to a better place.

Yes you can see the selvedge showing through on the button placket. Yes I didn’t use interfacing. Yes I am slap dash. It was a trial version… and I excused??!

Felicity’s buttons are vintage courtesy of Portobello Road markets. Sewing souvenirs are the best souvenirs.

And for a trial version, mine has already had a surprising number of public outings.

I think I like this pattern!


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24 Responses to Short boxy tops: BurdaStyle 06/2015 #106

  1. These look cute on both of you…but I’ll steer clear. Short, stout and top heavy plus boxy does not bode well! I remember buying pattern magazines [maybe Burda, maybe something else] quite often through the 80s, and there was a steady diet of this sort of shape…but I was thinner and flat chested then!

  2. Tia Dia says:

    For shapeless boxy tops these look so nice! I really like the fabrics you used, especially the colours in yours. And, yes, flat felled seams are a nice touch. I don’t have a flat fell foot for my machine. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen one! I can imagine it takes less time having that handy attachment to some of the folding for you while you sew.

  3. sewbussted says:

    The bug fabric you used for your daughter’s top is just so cute!

  4. Nonsuch says:

    v impressed with flat felled seams…

  5. Janine. says:

    I like the boxy tops too ! I remember them too from the 80s but Burda seems to make them more stylish than other pattern lines and they also seem so ahead fashion wise that I trust they know what they are doing. In any case my last Burda mag purchase was April 2016 and there were lots of boxy styles in that issue too.

  6. Gail says:

    I really like your top. Personally I think this works better as a cropped top with a slim line skirt underneath. The dress could look daggy baggy if you know what I mean.

  7. You know, I didn’t look twice at those patterns in the mag but I love your versions. Pretty tempted to add 107 to the to-sew list now!

  8. Both are very cute tops with interesting details. Love the collar.

  9. accordion3 says:

    The tops are lovely. The sunlight looks like one of the very hot days that SA has had, yet you both look impressively calm and cool.

  10. It looks like a pretty easy pattern too – especially the trial version :). Both are lovely.

  11. Gail says:

    Your geometric print is a winner!

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