Fun Sewing: Cleo Dungaree Dress

Does a 50 year-old woman need a teal blue dungaree dress?

Did she sew one anyway?

Course she did!

And put all the pockets on the front …

…and the tiny slit at the back, because she didn’t pay enough attention to the (excellent) instructions.

Pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Cleo

Size: I made a 6 in the longer length

Fabric: Stretch cotton denim in my favouite colour. This fabric is a long term stash dweller; an online purchase from Gorgeous Fabrics over 4 years ago.

Jeans buttons are so much fun to hammer in.

Mine are from the Button Bar in Adelaide Arcade and they are the two pronged ones. They didn’t go in perfectly straight , because I am an amateur button hammerer, so I hope they hold okay.

Fun to sew, fun to wear.

I love my Cleo!


14 thoughts on “Fun Sewing: Cleo Dungaree Dress

  1. I love it! At 58 I would definitely wear it. I’m pretty sure the garments that give me the most joy are not the ones I “need. ”

    I was totally shocked that you considered a 4 year old fabric a “long term” stash dweller. All I can say is that you have no idea what some of us would consider “long term” stash dwellers. Good for you that you sew up your fabric in such a timely manner!

    1. Oh yes. I found a lovely heavy hammer to use. My husband looked at me askance and suggested I move to another spot. He seemed to think I might damage the granite bench top in the kitchen..,

  2. I am embarassed to say that 4 year old fabric is practically new in my stash. Note to self: Do not buy more fabric. However, I do not have any awesome teal blue denim, so perhaps I would be allowed to buy that ? Your dress looks so practical and comfortable and such a lovely colour. Why do these types of clothes have pockets on the back in RTW? Your version is much more clever.

    1. I really should not have described this fabric as a long term stash dweller. I love it and wanted to use it as soon as it arrived. So the fact it took more than 4 years seemed remarkable. It’s really not. I will refrain from such foolish statements in future!

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