Pink lace top with black trim: BurdaStyle 02/2013 #135

An easy top to sew with a Chanel like vibe.

Not a lot more to say!

The lovely pale pink lace fabric was a remnant from my dear friend M of Nonsuch Sewing. The pattern is BurdaStyle 02/2013 #135.

I traced off a 40 and then did a 3 cm FBA. I removed the extra width the FBA created by grading down to the waist at the side seam.

The sleeve length was dictated by my fabric length. Two third length sleeves are perfectly fine, thank you very much!

Some poly satin black bias tape and a ribbon completed the look. No I didn’t follow Burda’s instructions and cut out a neck band and sew it on. Not when perfectly good satin bias tape was on hand!

Bam. Partnered with a new skirt of Felicity’s – new retro inspired outfit.

14 thoughts on “Pink lace top with black trim: BurdaStyle 02/2013 #135

  1. sorry what is FBA? great things come of great fabric. well done. Makes me think I really should do something with the very special bits and pieces I have in the ‘stash’. Your an inspiration. thank you.

    1. FBA= full bust adjustment. Burda drafts for a C cup. Felicity is larger than this. So I adjust the pattern to fit Felicity.
      Lovely fabric is a joy to sew. Sometimes it needs to sit in the stash for the right moment though. Or, as in my case, be a gift!

  2. Hi there I am new to sewing and live in Adelaide too. I love your blog as it is very inspirational for me, would you know a Liz from Designer Fabrics Australia, I have seen her facebook page but not sure if she is still around ? Do you run sewing classes at all… Many thanks

    1. Welcome to sewing and thanks for your lovely comments.
      I haven’t heard from Liz from Designer Fabrics Australia for a long time. She was only selling off her stash for a limited time in between other commitments. Let’s hope she has time again. Love her stash!
      No sewing lessons from me I’m afraid. I learnt at school at very long time ago, inspired by my mum. Then I learnt from making mistakes. Then I found sewing blogs. So I would be a totally unqualified sewing instructor!

        1. No sorry. Never really looked into it. I have heard people talk about their local Australian Sewing Guild being good though. That might be a place to start. Good luck!

  3. this is lovely – so glad some good came out of the disaster that was my attempt to make a dress with this fabric! your attention to fit is inspiring.

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