The perfect dress for eating autumn food: Tessuti’s Bella

My first Tessuti pattern. I’m. In. Love.


So swirly.


So loose fitting through the waist (what waist?)


Clever pockets.


Technical details

Pattern: Tessuti’s Bella Dress

bella line drawing

Size: XXS to XL ( bust 81 to 106 cm). I made a size M (bust 96).

Fabric: I think it’s a wool crepe. It’s a very long term stash dweller, at least 30 years old. It had one or two tiny holes, as did the lining folded up with it. Lets hope it holds up okay, because I seriously love everything about this dress!

Changes I made are all minor stuff: sleeves a cm or so longer, dress a cm or so shorter , hems stitched by hand, neck a little wider ( not intentionally!) and lining.

I lined the dress by cutting out all the pattern pieces in lining as well as in the wool crepe. For the back piece I cut the lining on the fold rather than adding the slightly shaped seam that’s in the outer fashion fabric.


It looks like I stretched the back seam a bit when I top stitched. Oh well.  I can’t see it when I’m wearing it. Also you can see the creases from having a lovely meal out with He Who Cooks the night before.

Back to lining. I lined right up to the neck rather than drafting a facing. I reinforced the neck with strips of interlacing, snipped to allow it to go around the curves.

20170527_042850749_iOS - Copy

Tessuti pattern instructions are awesome and they talk about using tear away vilene around the neck. I didn’t have any, so I improvised with these strips.

What I didn’t pay attention to was the seam allowances. Tessuti has a seam allowance of quarter inch for the neck. I forgot and thought it was the standard half inch.

So the neck is  a little bit wider than intended.


This is a great dress pattern. Easy to sew and fabulous to wear.




5 thoughts on “The perfect dress for eating autumn food: Tessuti’s Bella

  1. no surprise I also love this dress. will make a note of your clever lining tips. am worried for you though – I suspect you are at the top of a slippery slope of sack dresses…. (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

  2. I have a Tessuti pattern (though not that one) waiting in line. I will pay particular attention to the seam allowances now.
    Your dress looks great. I love a dress you can have seconds of pudding and not worry 😉

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