Fabric shopping in Madrid, another cocoon coat and another Bella

I’m sorry to report that the strawberry thief shirt has not been progressed since I posted last.

I have two excuses.

Excuse 1

I had a work trip to Salamanca in Spain. I didn’t take my sewing machine with me.


Playa Mayor, Salamanca, 8 PM (before dinner, of course!)

However, my accommodation in Madrid en-route to Salamanca was fortuitously located very close to these two fabric shops;  Ribes y Casals and Tejidos y Novedades Paredes.

Ribes y Casals had a large selection of fabrics and fabulous haberdashery and notions. This is just a small part of their Prym wall. So jealous of such accessibility to such a great range!


Their trim selection was pretty good too.


Some of that multi coloured daisy trim came home with me

Two fabrics at Tejidos y Novedades Paredes won my heart too



You can see I went for practical fabrics that will effortlessly slot into my everyday life..

I love sewing souvenirs!

Excuse 2

I’m going away again soon!  Sewing a travel wardrobe has taken precedence.

I needed a coat.

My local bricks and mortar store, Spotlight, had a lovely polyester wool coating that was the perfect weight and drape for an unlined coat. I wasn’t the only Australian sewist thinking this way. Christy (Clever Tinker) made a great Sapporo coat  and Carolyn (Handmade by Carolyn) made a delightful Sydney jacket (as seen on her instagram feed)


This is Burdastyle 12/2011 #114. I swapped out the zip for a button band.


It’s definitely boule shaped!  I feel like Aunt Fanny from Robots.


The pattern placement was less than ideal through the centre back seam, and not quite symmetrical. Slapdash sewist that I am, I’ve decided I can live with it – it helps that it’s on the back..). The horizontal pattern matching it pretty good though!


I also needed another Bella dress. This one is made from a very stretchy drapey ITY polyester knit from Spotlight with a solid navy  trim of bought bias binding at the neck.

20170820_043813084_iOS With the sleeves pushed and held in place with navy tabs, it should work when the weather is warmer.


With sleeves down, hands in pockets and tights I’m ready for cooler days.


And with a jacket and heels I’m ready for a night out. If it’s cold, I hope that tights and sandals are not considered the same as socks and sandals by the fashion police…

Where am I going? To England for a whole month of holidays, with He who Cooks, M of Nonsuch Sewing and her lovely husband Ken. We start in London at the beginning of September and end in Edinburgh at the end.

Yes we do plan to visit some fabric shops on the way. Anyone interested in a meet-up? In London? Bath? Oxford? Leicester? York? Richmond? The Lake District? At Linton Tweeds? (Yes, we are going to the showrooms and shop in Carlisle! He who Cooks is also the best itinerary planner ever).

I’ll return to the Strawberry Thief shirt soon.


23 thoughts on “Fabric shopping in Madrid, another cocoon coat and another Bella

    1. That fabric would be lovely in a top. It’s not my usual colour way but it really appealed to me. Hope I still love it after wearing it too much whilst traveling!

  1. I’d love to meet up with you, if only I was travelling! Very jealous. I was in Madrid for a day last year so unfortunately no time for fabric shopping; next time I will look out for those places. Enjoy your travels and look forward to further spoils.

    1. Thanks. Always good to have a few hours free between traveling to the next place and meetings for fabric shopping. It makes all that time away from home and families a little more bearable.

  2. Wonderful coat, especially the little wedges of color down the back……thinking of how that could be incorporated in other patterns, should I have some similar fabric (which I don’t NOW, but one never knows).


    1. You are too kind about the wedges down the back! They could be considered a design feature but in reality they are just happenstance
      The wedges would look better if their colour wasn’t the same as the adjacent block of colour. But I didn’t think of that at the time.

  3. Love love your coat. What a fabulous material and pattern. I have that Burda issue and made a similarly shaped coat. Your Bella dress will be very comfy and I hope you gets lots of sewing souvenirs. They are my fav as well. ( I’ve ordered from Shaukut in the UK once and really want to get there. So much liberty for such a little price compared to here )

  4. The more I see of that fabric the more I love it! Who would have thought such a large scale print is so versatile! Your coat looks lovely. The Bella dress looks like the perfect travel companion.

    1. Sadly we probably can’t get to your part of England. We do have to pick up one of our offspring from Birmingham at one point, and I am still seeing if that could also turn into something related to sewing and fabric. That’s probably still to distant away for you?

  5. You do some great travelling! I agree that fabric souvenirs should be things that are unique and difficult to find elsewhere, look forward to seeing both what you do with them and what you get on your holiday. Love both the new garments, the coat is very cool and in perfect autumn colours and the print on the dress is gorgeous too. Have a great trip!

  6. Oooh, I love your coat, obviously! that fabric is yummy, and looks gorgeous in your chosen pattern. Thanks for mentioning me too, although my name is actually Carolyn, not Caroline 🙂

  7. You were in Salamanca and so am I.Where you able to find a fabric store here in Salamanca as sadly I am not heading to Madrid so any assistance would be appreciated.
    Kind regards June

    1. No I didn’t. But I was busy with work commitments so didn’t really have the time to try. I’ll be back there in September so please let me know if you find one! Good luck 😉

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