Souvenir T-shirts are nice, but souvenir fabric is the best

I’ve been on the most glorious holiday to the UK. Some quality souvenir shopping was done. You would think I would come home and immediately sew some of it. Or perhaps some of the souvenir fabric from Madrid from my last trip that I wrote about in my last post?

But no.

Even older souvenir fabric was still waiting to be sewn.


This wax print fabric comes with lots of lovely memories of being in Montmartre with Felicity last year.

It’s a striking colour, has great body, and who doesn’t want a frock with a pot or two or twenty on it?


This was not the easiest fabric and design to match to a pattern, and then to cut out. I had some misgivings about a large jug and pot on the bodice front.

All three of the different pots in the design found their way onto the dress –  even if the small round ones feature only on the back shoulders!


A rich brown regular dress zip was the exposed zip feature. I stabilized the edge of the knit under bodice with iron-on interfacing. Yes that’s a little bit of the facing showing at the top of the zip, and I did use a piece of hat (?) elastic for the button loop.


The over bodice edges were self faced, and trimmed with cream premade bias binding from the stash, as were the seams. Can’t accuse me of not finishing this dress off nicely!


This really is a fabulous pattern BurdaStyle 12/2013 #130. I’ve used it before, in its full length glory, for a formal dress for both Felicity and for myself.


The skirt has a tulip shape due to the deep inverted pleats at the waist. I love the way it phloofs out. As well as looking great, there is plenty of room for pockets.


I did intend to turn up a narrow hem, but Felicity loved in with its selvedge sentence. So that’s the way its staying.


Now that’s out of the way, let me tell you about my much more recent souvenir fabrics!

TMOS (The Man Outside Sainsburys) in Walthamstow Market did not disappoint. Plus M and I had a bonus unplanned meet up with Karen of Did You Make That?

TMOS walthamstow market1

I bought a print woven rayon and a solid silk jersey. One of the side shops selling all manner of trims also tempted me with their cute pink embellished buttons.

Other London fabric purchases were from Raystitch. I came home with my own pieces of fabrics used in display garments in the shop: the navy and cream linen cotton of the dress on the left and a grey irish linen wool blend of the dress on the right.


A few patterns also made their way into my suitcase from Raystitch and Sew Over it. What fabulous shops both of these are!

Leicester exceeds expectations with its marvellous Richard III exhibition and museum. Plus we stumbled upon two fabric stores in the centre. Just like that! Without even trying!


Shop #1, Crafty sew and so, had the most delightful triple crepe (the solid colours at the back of the photo). I wanted to bring at least three of them home, but common sense prevailed and I finally settled on red and nothing else. Still wish I had some of the teal. And the purple..

Shop #2, Material Magic, won my heart with an embroidered medium weight grey wool. The coffee shop afterwards was good too.


And I am saving the best to last.

Linton Tweed.

linton tweed

All these lovelies were shipped home to me by the fabulous Linton Tweed staff.

Why so many? Well.

They had 1 metre length at two for the price of one, and  remnant box of almost 1 metre lengths for 5 pound.

Resistance was futile.


18 thoughts on “Souvenir T-shirts are nice, but souvenir fabric is the best

  1. Oh what wonderful trips you have. I read on Janine’s blog, two hobbies – one is collecting and the other is the sewing. (paraphrasing there) I loved that. Being a collector is so la de da!

      1. She’s a good guide but expect to buy lots – she’s also a great encourager! I would probably try to jump in on the trip too.
        Great fabric souvenirs. Linton is wonderful. I can’t go too often as I’m already awash….

  2. Oooooo!!! Souvenir fabrics are so wonderful. Your selection is divine. And I really love the wax print version of that BurdaStyle dress for Felicity. I would never have thought of marrying the two. Brilliant.

  3. Just love Felicity’s dress – too many favourite bits to list but first favourite is the hem – just brilliant.
    The Trip. The Fabric. The Memories. x

    1. Oh yes. There are only two dress lengths in that lot.
      A bit scared to start. Should I interface everything? Should I quilt a very light underlining in? Dare I cut into them? I may have purchased the fabrics at an excellent price but they are practically irreplaceable….

  4. Wow what a brilliant use of that really unusual fabric, it’s perfect! Looks like you had a great trip and I look forward to see what you do with your newest souvenirs. I also love that TMOS has become practically famous and has his own acronym!

    1. Such an unassuming fabric stand until you talk to him. Then his knowledge and love of fabric shines. He’s justifyingly famous! If you follow Karen on Instagram you’ll see that she met up with another tour group at TMOS just this weekend

  5. Wow! That’s a stunning dress and fabric. That colour looks so great on Felicity, and I think the pattern placement manages to be dramatic and eye catching without being at all… unfortunate. Which would have been too easy with all those jugs! XD

    What a great souvenir stash! Lots of treasures to store up for later.

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