Baby pink linen Kalle shirt

I wish I was writing about having made multiple Closet Case Kalle shirts and shirts dresses.


Sadly, I have only made one. So far.


This is such a great pattern.


I made the cropped version with the faced hem, but with 10 cm extra length.


I like the idea of the chest pocket, but I added it to the wrong side. Oops.


I was lazy and drafted a grown on button band rather than cutting  out a separate piece. I also didn’t interface anything. Don’t tell the sewing police.


Aren’t the buttons delightful? They are souvenirs – vintage buttons purchased at the Portobello Road Markets.

I love this shirt.


This first version is made in a linen cotton blend from Spotlight. I have several other virtual versions made in lace, patterned linen, chambray, silk chiffon….

I just have these things called work and Christmas and a family wedding that are preventing my sewing plans proceeding in an orderly fashion.

Anyone else have that problem? Any solutions, apart from winning the lottery?

Should I make a shirt dress to wear to the wedding? Should I make the bridesmaid a shirt dress? Don’t answer these last questions. I know I want to.



23 thoughts on “Baby pink linen Kalle shirt

  1. I have so far made two – love your linen one, what a great idea!!!!!! Not the tradional silhouette for a wedding though…..

  2. You have nothing to worry about, the sewing police have all been fired 😉
    I have a feeling that there will be more coming along.
    So cute!

  3. How I laughed at your comment about the sewing police. That’s me! Sometimes my sister is afraid to show me what’s she’s made because she knows I am going to inspect the seams. Like most of us though, I aspire to excellence but want to get the garment finished more…

    • Whenever I feel I’m trending towards perfectionism I remind myself that one definition of quality is fit for purpose. Mind you, that’s not always comforting

  4. this is lovely. I have a denim version – band collar, dress length, cut out – waiting for that magical moment when there is time to do the important things like – sew!

    • I’m very happy with the pink. It will go with lots of things in my wardrobe. And it’s very flattering colourful my skin. I ask myself why haven’t I worn more pink in the past?

  5. Gorgeous, I really love the fabric choice and the shaped hem is such a nice detail. I’m never making a separate button band again either, I’m sure there’s a good reason for them, but it seems like a lot of extra hassle for a finished result that looks the same as the far easier cut on method.

  6. As a person who hates interfacing I totally approve of not interfacing your shirt and can’t see the difference. No police at my house! I love your Kalle version and the vintage buttons are gorgeous. I have this pattern, so must get to making one as I’m sure I have appropriate fabric in my stash!

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