Wedding guest dress: Vogue 9021

This pattern made in this fabric has been in my virtual wardrobe for some time.

I made a trial version of the pattern back in May 2015. Then moved on to other things. As you do.

Finally I had the right occasion for such a dress – my niece’s wedding.

This is truly stunning fabric from emmaonesock. It’s a panel print polyester in my favourite colours with an incredible silky feel. I went though about 3 Sharps needles sewing this – every time I hit a pin, I turned my Sharps needle into a blunt one…..

The pattern has a waist seam, so I cut the bodices and skirt pieces to maximize the landscapes and minimise the silvery grey filler between them.

It is a Rorschach print but complex enough to not be very obviously mirrored. I decided not to stress about getting the pattern centered. It would have only been possible on the front – the back would have been not matched at all.

Actually,  I’m not sure I would have liked it perfectly mirrored anyway!

I continued the side seam up a little further into the cape sleeves than Vogue instructed. My first version of this dress has serious lingerie exposing tendencies. As you can imagine looking at the image below of the two dresses lying side by side – see how close the bottom of the “sleeve” is to the waist on the navy dress

I didn’t use any of the facing pattern pieces for this dress, rather I bound the neck and sleeve/armhole edges with premade 12 mm bias binding.

I was planning to line the skirt, but I ran out of time. A slip was pressed into service on the day.

Due to fabric restrictions and my print placement, the hem was just about perfect without being turned up. So I hardly did! I faced it with 25 mm premade bias binding.

I am very happy to have finally used this lovely fabric.

No lining, no french seams and premade bias binding, but this fabric moved from being almost too good to use into a lovely dress that felt right for a summer garden wedding.

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26 Responses to Wedding guest dress: Vogue 9021

  1. Jann Fyfe says:

    Very pretty!

  2. Luci says:

    It’s gorgeous… hopefully you get to wear it again soon

  3. Tia Dia says:

    You picked the perfect pattern to showcase that gorgeous fabric.

  4. Jennifer Shaw says:

    You and your dress are so beautiful! Wow what a gorgeous print!

  5. Nonsuch says:

    this is lovely – I think you have the Perfect Pattern Placement

  6. amalitar says:

    What a lovely print! Definitely the right decision not to center it, it strikes me as more modern this way. And the sleeves look so comfortable (I have heavy upper arms and sleeves often bind me unless i remember to widen them).

  7. This dress is really pretty. You did a great job and it looks so good on you. Love the print!!

  8. Kim says:

    Lovely fabric that is perfectly suited to the pattern – and the occasion. I hope you get lots of opportunities to wear it 😃.

  9. Lovely! Sometimes you need to take the quick techniques to get the job done. It is such lovely fabric and the pattern is perfect to show it off.

  10. This is so lovely! That pattern was absolutely perfect for that fabric, for some reason I think the silver at the bottom hem really nicely frames the dress 🙂

  11. Kristy says:

    I bought this pattern some time ago after seeing your test pattern and funny enough was looking at it today! The lowness of the armholes had me concerned, but I’m glad to see that it still looks good sewn up more. That fabric is absolutely stunning!

  12. AllisonC says:

    Amazing print and a great pattern to show it off, looks perfect for a garden wedding and hopefully you’ll have other occasions to wear it too.

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