Outfit made from remnants makes page 5 news

When I got dressed on Wednesday this week I had no idea I’d be standing in a vineyard later that afternoon having my photo taken. Because it was going to be very hot, I put on a cotton voile top and a stretch cotton skirt.

They were new. He who Cooks took a photo or two before work.

I was thinking of a potential blog about them and what I’d say. Both of these items were made from leftovers from other projects so that seemed a good angle. I’m also sort of working on a summer corporate SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) using navy and cream as my neutrals. This might be a good first blog post about my SWAP intentions.

Little did I know that the Minister’s office and the local newspaper would change my story.

Anyway, enough already about the newspaper.

The top is BurdaStyle 07/2015 #113


I made the top in cotton voile from Spotlight. I have just made a dress out of this fabric (I need to blog about it).

I stitched down the neck facing and used self bias around the armholes. Details lost in this fabric! I do love it, though.

The skirt is BurdaStyle 01/2011 #137


I used a stretch cotton from Gay Naffine. I have a much loved dress made from this.

I skipped the hem embellishment and the lining and just used the waist facing. Instead of interfacing it, I cut it on the lengthwise grain which has no stretch.

It has pockets!!

Both skirt and top were made in size 44 without adjustments and they are both such comfortable garments to wear. And my thrifty upbringing loves that I used up some leftovers in my stash.

12 thoughts on “Outfit made from remnants makes page 5 news

  1. So glad that for once the news was about something lovely – ie: your sewing. I particularly like the skirt pattern and the way the pockets sit just under the yoke. Love the fabric you used for the top!

  2. Fabulous print on that top, can’t wait to see the dress you’ve made. And I’m with Ruth, that’s a master-level print mix, well done!

    1. I wanted to use that print in the pocket bags of the skirt because I liked them together so much. My very wise friend M counselled me not too. I used sensible cream instead. But I still wanted to put them together!

  3. Its a very clever outfit for a hot day, smart and professional whilst looking as if you can cope perfectly well without air conditioning! I love the print and stripe combination, and being from scraps is the icing on the cake. No wonder you made the news 🙂

  4. So nice that your creativity got a chance to go on show – I did think it funny to see you name in print though – I have never stopped to think what your real world name is – I always think of you as “she who sews” – blog world is such a strange place…

    1. It is a bit weird. I wondered about sharing, but decided that I was being totally over the top about keeping my real life name secret.
      To make it worse. I am not just She who Sews, I’m also Sewingelle as well as Liz! (elle as in L for Liz). Sometimes I wish I just started off being Liz at the beginning to avoid confusion.

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