Lovely pattern but with not quite the right fabric: Sew over it Eve dress

You know how sometimes you get the match making a bit off between pattern and fabric? No? Doesn’t happen to you?   It does to me. Sometimes,  I even quite like the mismatch. But that usually requires a brief time out.

This was one of those times.

Seduced by the cool vibes in London in September I purchased a couple of indie patterns: Sew over it’s Eve dress and a Merchant and Mills coat pattern.

Sew Over It Eve Dress Sewing Pattern

Later in the trip we were in Leicester and just happened upon Crafty Sew & So. They had the most delightful triple crepe. Perfect for Eve or some other drape-y dress.

Back home I decide I should trial that Eve dress pattern before cutting into precious souvenir fabric from Leicester. Also, the pattern suggested I needed more than the 3 metres I had of crepe. Seemed unlikely. Lets see about that.

Months passed. Now it was very hot and I had 4 metres of a navy print cotton voile I wanted to sew. M made a shirt for K out of it, and I love it. A dress in navy print could fit into my sort of summer corporate SWAP. Perfect fabric for a trial version. Well, hello, not really. Its cotton. Even though its voile, its still cotton and not very drape-y. But summer holiday brain didn’t get this far.

I cut it out anyway. No problem fitting it on 3 metres. So far, so good.

Beautiful fabric to sew. Drafting was excellent. Instructions detailed and clear. Sewing on the stay tape to the bias cut neckline worked very well. Bodice fit was checked and all was well. Continued with the sleeves. Skirt went onto bodice just fine. I like the hi-low hem. What can I say. Child of the eighties.

Had a ‘duh’ moment turning the ties the right way out. It took 20 minutes doing it the wrong way and 20 seconds doing it right. You know which one I did first.

Time to try it on. Yes, this style does not instantly shrink my waist. Yes, this is not the style I like the most on me. Yes, the non drape-y nature of the cotton voile isn’t the most elegant rendition of this pattern.

But, such lovely fabric. So nice to wear. Perfect hot weather dress.

And its a wrap dress but with a no gape neckline.

Wardrobe malfunctions unlikely with the skirt either!

A very happy ending.

I’ve worn the dress several times already, and there was enough left over to make a shell top. Both garments get lots of compliments. It seems everyone like navy and dandelion prints!

For the record, I cut out a 16 and made no adjustments. The pattern includes finished garments measurements, and they were spot on.

36 thoughts on “Lovely pattern but with not quite the right fabric: Sew over it Eve dress

  1. Your Eve dress is looking good from where I’m standing – as are you.
    Too often I don’t make the perfect pairing of pattern and fabric. Maybe a drapier fabric wouldn’t give you the perfect fit you got this time.

  2. Beautiful dress! I for one really like the broader folds that you get from the voile, perhaps not as fluid as you imagined but stll very nice. And the print is definitely a winner, cute but not sugary. Glad that you came around to liking the dress, it looks lovely on you. I do often fail to marry properly the fabric to the pattern. Or perhaps i fail to adjust my expectations to how the fabric is behaving. As if by sheer force of will i could make it do something else once i sew it up… slowly i’m learning to get over it if it happens…

  3. Haha I have a shirt cut out from this exact fabric and I must get around to sewing it up.. I also have plenty of leftovers. Your dress looks lovely and I’m glad to see that the pattern sews up so beautifully. I also occasionally make the mistake of right pattern, wrong fabric!! BTW I have the Sew Over It Joan dress on my hit list for winter.

  4. Well, if this is a pattern:fabric mismatch, I really don’t know what to say. It’s beautiful, and I can feel how cool it would be in the summer heat despite it being snowy winter over here! Cotton voile! Sometimes mismatches are rather fortuitous. And despite your doubts on the style, I’m one of those people who thinks that wrap styles are flattering, period.

  5. Liz, your dress is so lovely on you. I really adore the dandelion print on the navy fabric. It is a perfect summer dress. I know that you are going to find a fabric that you like more and make many versions of this gorgeous dress!

  6. I am so glad your trial experiment worked ! Beautiful fabric ( and your shell top is cute too ) . Navy and wrap dresses are classic so hopefully lots of love to come here. So are you going to use your crepe with this pattern or something else ?

  7. light dress for our hot summers, lovely print, so it doesn’t need lining ie not too sheer? love the high low hem and the flowy sleeves

  8. this is sew lovely! Trust me, you are not Robinson Crusoe with the fabric/pattern issues but I think you are being too harsh here. I think the stiffer fabric shows off the high/low hem better than a more fluid fabric. Also v lovely styling.

  9. I think the dandelions and the vibe of the pattern go together really well. And if the voile feels good to wear on a summer stinker, well, I think that’s pretty much a win.

  10. Now I am eyeing off my voile/lawn stash. Your wrap dress works beautifully with the voile, what a good idea! I’m glad you didn’t try your crepe first.

  11. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous on you and the wide drapy collar (?) is really flattering. I always love the look of wrap dresses, but find them a real bother to wear without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions so it is good to know that this one doesn’t gape and has a generous underlap on the skirt.

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