Oops I did it again – Kalle Shirt

This time in June’s Meadow Liberty lawn.

I did the same things as last time – lengthened by 10 cm and used a cut on button band – but I also used another Liberty lawn print for the hem facings and inner yoke.

I’m really the only one who knows it there, but it makes me smile every time.

Don’t tell He who Cooks, but I bought both these fabrics from Tissus Reine in Montmartre, Paris intending to make him a shirt. In 2013. Clearly not ever going to happen. Much better as a shirt for me!

I love the high-low hem of this pattern

The skirt is BurdaStyle 10/2015 #106 which I’ve made before.

This time I accentuated the panels with poly satin bias binding, as a sort of flat piping.

The fabric is a delightful cream stretch cotton with a snakeskin texture.

Both garments were made from the stash. So glad they turned out so well because the fabrics were almost too precious to cut into. I’m sure no one else has that problem!

21 thoughts on “Oops I did it again – Kalle Shirt

    • Mine is halfway between the crop top and tunic length as drafted. The crop shirt length was just a bit too cropped for my over fifty years old self!

  1. Very nice outfit. I am not enamoured of high-low hems as my boobs and belly give me the effect naturally- I dread to think how weird a deliberate one might look! Also, my bum is one of my only bits that ISN’T flabby, so I prefer not to hide it lol

  2. Fab outfit, love the contrast details of the shirt! I have fabric I bought intending to make the other half shirts years and years ago. Some has been turned into shirts for the girls, the rest is still there, lurking in the bottom of the stash!

  3. Everyone has that problem – the fabrics that end up ‘too good to use’ for fear of fouling up. Your blouse and skirt look great (and I won’t say a word to himself about it 😉).

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