Ditzy floral meets Eve

Felicity looks so good in my Sew Over It Eve dress that I made her one of her own.

And this time I used a drape-y viscose. See how nicely it hangs?

I was either lazy or efficient (you decide) and used the pattern pieces in my size with just the shoulders trimmed by 2 cm. I’m sure this breaks all sorts of pattern adjustment rules.

Hey I figured the ties would sort out the waist adjustments that were needed and all the blousing through the bodice would hide a multitude of sins.

And it does.

I promise I’ll cut out the right size and do a FBA on the next version. But this one is acceptable don’t you think.?

The wrap front is genius. Hugs your body even when bending forward.

Some clever drafting by Sew Over It going on here. Plus the stay tape keeping the bias under control.

I cut the front skirt a little less full due to fabric restrictions – I folded out about 10 cm at the hem through to zero at the waist in two long wedges.

I don’t think the slightly narrower skirt is a problem

And the final change was to add pockets.

Because. Pockets.


11 thoughts on “Ditzy floral meets Eve

  1. Love it. I’m all about efficiency so you are NOT lazy at all. I think it drapes beautifully and the narrower skirt is just 100% fine. Another great creation. I so look forward to your posts and just LOVE seeing things we are not able to currently wear ( I’m in Vancouver Canada) but then feel a teeny bit smug when you show us winter things and I’m in short sleeves!
    Must say I love the way you write – casual yet very informative. Thank you!

    1. You are so very kind! I love the constraints in seasons on sewing blogs too. And I very much enjoy seeing the snow from the northern hemisphere when it’s so hot here.
      We have just a few weeks of summer left but I’m not feeling like sewing for cooler weather yet. So summer sewing continues…

  2. Looks great. The bust fits so well and I think I may even have to get this one it looks so good. I like the narrower skirt and the pockets are a great addition. I wished I had added pockets to a dress I made recently as I’m always reaching for them. Rayon is a terrific fabric.

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