Something old and something new

Well this is an unexpected bonus. My new sparkly linen top works very well with one of my old favourites.

This skirt was recently rescued from the depths of my wardrobe. It’s a bit faded but still loved!

But let me tell you about the fabric in my top.

It’s a coated linen from The Fabric Store in Sydney.

No I don’t live in Sydney. But I have worked out I can fit in a quick visit to The Fabric Store on the way to the airport if my Sydney meeting finishes by 3:30 PM. And lots of them do.

Both The Fabric Store, and Tessuti Fabrics Surry Hills store, are located close to Central train station. Hop off the T8 line out to Sydney airport. Take a short walk there and back, then continue on your way to catch your flight. With new fabric…

The Fabric Store also has an excellent and extensive selection of Liberty. Even some on sale. I resisted. This time.

So jealous of sydneysiders with these two stores as their local fabric stores!

This is a repeat pattern make. I didn’t notice that the darts are a smidge low the first time I made this. But this plain linen shows everything! Even wrinkles after 5 minutes of wear.

At my age (#fashionoverfifty), I’m embracing the wrinkles!

This is an excellent pattern. Uses less than a metre of fabric. I can see several more in my sewing future!

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15 Responses to Something old and something new

  1. Karey says:

    Lucky you to have regular access to these stores. Both great TNT patterns.
    BTW the link on the shirt details takes you to the skirt pattern instead 😉

  2. I love these coated linens- I have two pieces waiting, a silvery one and a rich metallic bronze, intended for the missus. Hurrah for wrinkles!

  3. Accordion3 says:

    A certain birthday is coming up for me soon. I’ll be adopting that hashtag!

    The top is beautiful, I love working with and wearing linen.

  4. Kim says:

    Winner! It’s brilliant when you find a match already in the wardrobe 😀

  5. sewruth says:

    Perfect colour combination and isn’t it an extra bonus when an old garment finds new life?
    Let the linen do what it wants….that’s the appeal. I’m so looking forward to my summer sewing so thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

  6. Nonsuch says:

    beautiful fabric. I suspect this top will go with a lot of things – in fact I think sparkly pink is my favourite neutral!

  7. yummymummy says:

    I love TFS, both Melbourne and the Sydney stores. Funnily enough have just cut this same top out of some beige and navy spotted silk bought from TFS Sydney a few years ago. I’ve been getting into linen too. After years of avoiding it because of the wrinkles, I’ll just embrace them as it’s such great fabric for summer

  8. Ingrid says:

    I had to go to Sydney for a one day drip last year and discovered like you the proximity of those stores to each other and the train to the airport; fabric heaven!!! I did haul a bunch of stuff home…. sadly I don’t travel interstate for work these days. I was looking at metallic linen and wondering how to take care of it; do you need to dry clean or can you get away with a hand wash? It looks fab!

    • SewingElle says:

      The Fabric Store suggested dry cleaning but I knew that wouldn’t work for me! I decided that a slow loss of sparkle was an acceptable price to pay for convenience. I machine washed it (front loader) before cutting it out and it seemed fine. It’s been washed several times since and is still sparkly.
      Gotta love that train to the airport. Environmentally friendly as well as enabling stash replenishment. It’s just a shame I’ve only just worked this out.

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