Orange dress: BurdaStyle 09/2010 #122

Despite the fitting woes with sewing stretch fabrics into garments for me, I’ve had a success with sewing for Felicity.

This dress is made from a very orange viscose based ponte and BurdaStyle 09/2010 #122: one of Burdas best patterns, IMO.

Look at all those fabulous style lines!


Pretty good IRL too

I made a size 20 with a 2 cm FBA. Not so easy to work out how to do it with this pattern. I winged it by sticking the upper front pieces together, pretending the gap out to the side was a dart, did a regular FBA, then redrafting them again as single pieces. Clear as mud? Mmm, not so much to me either. Wish I’d taken photos. Luckily this was stretch and there was some negative ease, so it all worked out okay

The sleeves have a bit of a Star Trek vibe to them. And they are not sitting as well as they should on the right side. But we love them anyway!

This is a very cute dress. Felicity is wearing it here with a RTW roll neck sweater, tights and ankle boots, but its also good on its own.

In other news, I’ve had a business trip to Spain. And managed to squeeze in a tiny (tiny =  less than 10 metres worth) of fabric shopping.

This is my haul from Barcelona

Clockwise from left:

  • An embroidered navy viscose woven
  • A red polyester jacquard border print
  • A light grey embroidered prefaded cotton woven
  • A darker grey woven linen with a coated surface.

Aren’t they lovely? They’ll likely have to spend some time in the stash until I’m ready to sew for summer again though.

I love souvenir fabrics!

15 thoughts on “Orange dress: BurdaStyle 09/2010 #122

  1. The Star Trek dress is perfect – great colour, fit, everything. And those sleeves! Looking forward to seeing the fabric souvenirs move from stash to fabulous outfits.

  2. I remember this pattern well and really must get around to it now that nice ponte knit is much easier to come by than in 2010 (yikes!). The dress looks fabulous on Felicity and I love the bold colour.

  3. What a great many seasons dress. I love how she kept the Star Trek vibe going with the boots 😊

  4. Ooh that’s one of the best versions of that Burda dress I’ve seen and it suits Felicity really well. What a great colour! Not a lot of people can wear orange.

    1. That’s very kind of you! I think the fabulous colour really helps. It’s a delightful shade of orange that seems more pink or red than yellow and I think that makes it very wearable.

      1. You’re right. It doesn’t really help anyone. But it does make it easier to say no to beautiful fabric if there is no room in ones suitcase to bring it home in.

  5. That orange Star Trek dress look very modern on Felicity. Wish my daughter liked to wear the sort of stuff I like to sew, although she has had lots of wear out of a striped viscose knit cardy that took 2 toiles to get right.

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