Secret pajamas maxi skirt: BurdaStyle 12/2015 #115

I’ve been trying some new silhouettes, styles, techniques and fabrics recently. Not all successfully.

I think this skirt might, just, however, sneak over the line into the success category. Although I am challenged with styling it.

Dowdy with my liberty shirt.

More successful as pseudo evening wear with a velvet top. Think how much better this would look if I’d stopped by the hair and makeup department before photography!

I know. It’s hardly revolutionary for a sewist to make a maxi skirt. But that’s not the point. It is for me. I haven’t made or worn a maxi skirt for years. It’s pencil skirts all the time for me.

This non pencil skirt is BurdaStyle 12/2015 #115B

I went a bit off piste and used a double knit, swapped out the normal interfaced waistband for an elastic one and skipped the zip. That turned the skirt into secret pajamas.

The yoke is a nice feature.

I like the lines of the wrap front.

The back hangs nicely too (or would if I properly straightened it)

I also like the freedom of movement this style gives me! And it doesn’t seem to come at the expense of wardrobe malfunctions.

You really have to try hard and flip that top wrap layer up to show much leg.

This is a good pattern.

Who knows what will happen next? Perhaps… gasp…an A-line skirt instead of another pencil skirt?!

Or … I’ll use a Frixion pen for the first time?

I am so adventurous!


18 thoughts on “Secret pajamas maxi skirt: BurdaStyle 12/2015 #115

  1. Very nice-I’m surprised at how well that wrap front stays in place- I always dread the ruddy things blowing up in the air. A good look for Marilyn Monroe, not for lumpy dumpy me!

  2. I like the idea of knit version. I made this skirt calf length in woven. I skipped the waistband altogether and just finished yoke as waist. It is a great travel item in all seasons. I did find it opened up too much when I was sitting, which I solved by stitching a strip of 1″ elastic from inside flap to side seam at hip level.

      • My fabric is a bit slippery – some sort of polyester crepe that was in my stash. I think the knit would both stretch over your knees and cling, instead of slipping off. The elastic just means the hinge it slips from is lower down. I was experimenting with a travel pack with just one bottom, so I could pack everything in carry-on. It passed both winter (boots, tights, skivvies and spencers) and summer (sandals, fitted t-shirt and woven tank tops) conference trips.

  3. Good on you for trying new things! I think this one is a goer. I like it with the black top too, and I see what you mean by the styling challenges. You could probably wear this in summer as well, with…a shell top? Something sleeveless or short sleeved? A clingy top with low decollete? A wrap top?

  4. That’s a great skirt – and I love the suggestion in comments using elastic to prevent malfunctions.
    Go wild with the Frixion pen! I love mine 😀

  5. It’s gorgeous, I really love that yoke detail and must make a note of that pattern. I think it would also look good with a simple top and a denim jacket for a more casual variation.

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