Green lantern dress: based on BurdaStyle 07/2016 #117

Several African wax prints were selected by Felicity when we had mother & daughter time in Paris two years ago. This fabulous green lantern one has been patiently waiting to be turned into a dress since then.

Felicity and I have had various ideas about what to do with it, but nothing had seemed right until she suggested using the same pattern as my ghost fish dress.


This dress is based on  Burdastyle 07/2016 #117– made symmetric and without the straps.


Mine was a sort of size 42. I got her to try it on to see how far it was from her size.

Of course it was too big for Felicity though the waist and hips. But the fit through the bust wasn’t too bad.

So. I could trace off a new copy of this pattern in her size and then do an FBA, or I could use the pattern I already had and just take it in from the bust down. A cheaters FBA.

You know what I did.

We both love the dress. This story ended well!

11 thoughts on “Green lantern dress: based on BurdaStyle 07/2016 #117

  1. Ha! Ha! When I saw the title “Green Lantern dress” I thought it had the DC comic hero on it! Didn’t realise it was actual green lanterns! Both dresses are lovely; I hope you enjoy wearing them this summer.

  2. I like your pattern hack. I often look at Burda asymmetrical patterns and think I wouldn’t mind making the simpler side mirrored. This is a good example. The fabric is wonderful. I am jealous.

    • I was surprised how much I like the neckline on this. I couldn’t really imagine what it would look like until I mirrored it. My first version was supposed to be more of a trial run of the fit before I made it asymmetrical. I still haven’t made it asymmetrical!

  3. I can reflect/rotate shapes in my mind, which helps.
    PS. I am more similar to Felicity’s shape than yours (just accumulated over time a size bigger all over), so do cheaters FBA all the time. The difference between cheaters FBA and grading between sizes is the length of CF vs CB. It looks like fit on Felicity would benefit from shortening length at lower back. If you do that then increase front dart so front side seam length matches adjusted back side seam length, you have almost complete reverse FBA. (I also grade to smaller size across chest above bust.)

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