What not to do with scuba: BurdaStyle 05/2011 #108B

Felicity was gifted some floral scuba and she has a church event coming up that needs a nice frock.

Both she and I have wanted to make BurdaStyle 05/2011 #108B for a long time.


Fabric and an event and a pattern.  Seemed like an excellent coalescing of opportunities and needs.

Or was it?

I traced off a 21 and made a 2.5 cm FBA. The flat pattern measuring and the tissue fitting with the (non stretchy) pattern pieces was a perfect fit in length and width. The scuba bodice was also excellent, on its own, before that heavy skirt was attached.

I forgot that 4 way stretch in fabric with weight and a long full skirt should not be in the same garment. The stretch needed to be corralled into submission with interfacing and interlining and inter everything. I did none of this.

I unpicked, removed length and width and re-attached the bodice and the skirt three times.

Something still had to be done to rescue it.

I made a sash. Out of three small remnants.

It brings that waist back in and covers the evidence that the seaming was still a bit too low.

Now wearable. Phew.

Would have been such a shame to waste this pretty fabric.

25 thoughts on “What not to do with scuba: BurdaStyle 05/2011 #108B

  1. What a lovely dress and it so suits her. Did you have to make any alterations to the bust? Myself and twin daughters are too well endowed and every time we enlarge the bust we then have too much fabric round the armholes and have to put extra darts in.

  2. I’m with FiftyDresses, i think it looks even better with the sash. Great save! Indeed worth all the effort for that pretty fabric. Felicity looks great in it, lucky girl.

    • I think it might be because of the sash.
      I have a dress in similar weight scuba that is much looser in style and it’s not too bad. But I think it would be if it was belted.

  3. scuba scares me for all the reasons you have outlined – but I am making something in scuba-like fabric now and am soooo happy that you don’t have to finish the seams!
    Great save for lovely fabric.

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