Trying to perfect a pattern

I’ve now made six dresses based on BurdaStyle 02/2014 #141. Six. Just this year. Yes, that surprised me too!

Version 5 was made in a novelty weave fabric in deep stash and originally from Gorgeous Fabrics labelled Maggy London.

The fabric lacks body and collapsed a bit under my bust so I added some vertical darts.

The sleeves are too tight in this version and I’ll probably remove them and make it sleeveless. But I haven’t got around to it yet. I think it may be more dinner date without the sleeves. With the sleeves it seems more lady who lunches or fancy office wear.

Version 6 is a lovely linen shift.

I love this dress. I purchased the fabric in a soft finishing shop in Wellington, New Zealand and would like to have a sofa covered in it too as well as curtains and dining chairs. Yes I really do love it!

It’s a heavy weight linen and the perfectly on grain print and centred symmetrical pattern make pattern matching and invisible zip insertion a dream. I should make more garments from soft furnishing fabric.

I lined this dress in white cotton batiste. It’s a delight to wear on a hot summers day.

I’ve surprised myself looking back at how many times I’ve repeated other patterns as well this year. Is this a sign I’m maturing as a sewist or just a lack of imagination?!

15 thoughts on “Trying to perfect a pattern

  1. Easy to see why you love the soft furnishing fabric…it’s so beautiful.
    My Mum and I, too, have discussed whether repeated use of the same sewing pattern means that you’re in an unadventurous sewing rut or you’re a smart sewer who’s nailed an Ultimate Pattern (and found your personal style and stuck to it). Actually, few people (if any, even sewing friends) notice if you’ve used the same pattern, and often the construction is different anyway because of the fabric. I sometimes wonder if I should worry about it, but I don’t.

  2. Oh, I love that linen print and it sounds perfect for the summer. It is great when you get a pattern that is a blank canvas that you can make over and over, but each garment has it’s own style. Same, but always different.

  3. You have eliminated the “will this style suit me?” and the fitting steps of sewing a dress and now have a pattern/style that looks great on you. The fun part is choosing fabulous fabrics from your stash or the shops. Both of these versions of the dress look great. I have the same novelty fabric aging in my stash, so it was nice to see it used in a dress.

  4. I think it’s great that you’ve ‘found your style” and it’s very flattering too. I think that we all strive to find our comfortable space in clothes and sewing our own lets us do that.
    Happy New Year.

  5. I was reading along, thinking how lovely that Maggie London dress is with the sleeves and all and realised I fit the description of lady who lunches and fancy office wear! Nothing wrong with any of that. I Love that fabric and the dress is gorgeous. As is the second dress and fabric. Certainly no lack of imagination as each dress is unique. Unless you knew, you wouldn’t know.

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