He Cooks [pork pies]… She Sews [a BurdaStyle shirt 04/2013 #138]

For all the cooking He Who Cooks does and She who Sews eats, you’d think she’d return the favour and does some sewing for him, wouldn’t you? The odd pair of boxers and an apron now and then just doesn’t cut it.

This is another way of saying I finally made Chris a shirt.

I don’t think he really enjoyed being on the other side of the camera!

I used a cotton from Spotlight and BurdaStyle 04/2013 #138


I compared the pattern to his RTW shirts to find his size and traced off a 98. Burda’s size charts would have put him several sizes bigger. I didn’t check the sleeve length against his RTW shirts. And you’ll find out below why that was a mistake.

I was very pleased with how the sleeve tower placket came out

I got him to try the shirt on before I added the cuffs. The sleeves seemed too long. Rashly I chopped off 8 cm, and lost lots of those lovely tower plackets. The sleeves are now a bit short. Perfect for me though. Just saying.  This pattern also has narrow cuffs and a slim collar. Also perfect for me. Not that I’ve been wearing it. Much.

What about those Pork Pies?

Chris’s were based on a recipe for Raised Pork Pies from Valerie Barrett published in  BBC’s Good Food, July 2013.

The filling

Pastry top being added

Crimped edge and a hole to add the aspic through after baking

Egg wash (and 21 because it was for a 21st birthday picnic for a talented pastry chef @lyndarella47)

Just out of the oven

And then calamity struck.

Those pies came out of the tins very reluctantly. In fact one didn’t come out at all, as a pie. The other sort of came out in one piece, albeit looking much more rustic than intended. Yes that is a bobbin case in the background.

All’s well that ends well though. Only one pie was really needed for the picnic and the filling from the other one was absolutely delicious in a salad!





20 thoughts on “He Cooks [pork pies]… She Sews [a BurdaStyle shirt 04/2013 #138]

  1. I love how beautifully the shirt is sewn. Wow, you make the most stunning clothes! The pie looks fantastic!

  2. The shirt looks good. I need to make my DH one too and in tall size 106/112 (which weren’t listed in the 04/2013 magazine but are in 1994 men’s special I have).
    The pork pies look tasty. People have been posting about cooking this recipe in the GoSun Grill solar oven and I want to try it, but need to order some 4.2″ spring form pans that fit.

  3. Only this morning the husband remarked that he was the only one in the family I hadn’t sewn for, then I see your post. The universe must be telling me something! Your fabric choice is great!
    The pies look delicious. Just had lunch but I’m hungry again.

  4. Great shirt! I wish my husband would ask me to make him clothes. Early in our relationship I made a few things that either didn’t fit or weren’t his style, and “blotted my copybook”. He’s now set in his ways with shop-bought clothes. Sigh. Good job I can cook…just going off to make a fabulous pork pie now….

    • I think I’ve done much the same thing. He’s worn the skirt because I made it but he’s also bought several new RTW shirts since.
      Enjoy your pork pie. I don’t even have that redeeming feature.

  5. I used the same print to make pyjama boxers for my Mr almost 18. That’s as adventurous has he gets!
    I’ve always loved the pork filling from a pork standing pie. Scattering it through a salad sounds awesome.

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