Unlined linen jacket: Burda 02/2009 #115

This jacket was inspired by @groovygreylook. Meridy posted a purple linen version to her Instagram and I remembered how much I liked this Burda magazine pattern.

That was all I needed to search through the archives, trace it off and cut out my fabric.

This is style 115 from the 02/2009 issue. Almost vintage!


I made this I in a size 44 and I think the fit is just fine.

(early morning photography = odd light )

Of course getting fit right in a boxy style is really only about the shoulders. The dart could be a touch too low and no doubt there are other things that you can see if you look at it very critically. But it’s an unlined and not very structured crumpled linen jacket. The fit is fine!

I used a coated linen that was a souvenir from Barcelona. And because this was such a fabulous fabric I took a little bit extra care.

Hong Kong seam treatments on the sleeves, shoulders and facings.

That’s fusible interfacing on the bias edges of the raglan sleeve seams. I used quite a bit of interfacing in this project, even in the hem (hoping this will stop it rolling up after sitting. So far it’s working!)

Flat felled seams through the main body of the jacket and top stitching.

Precision sewing. This is the shoulder. Ask me about unpicking and lots of pins.

Lots of top stitching. Did I say that already? And extra nice buttons

I particularly like these pockets. They were fun to construct and they are delightfully capacious.

I’m very pleased with this jacket. It’s the perfect smart casual jacket for cooler summer evenings.

I need to reacquaint myself with the rest of my old Burda magazines. Who knows what other treasures lie therein?

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24 Responses to Unlined linen jacket: Burda 02/2009 #115

  1. Liz Haywood says:

    What a great jacket this is! I’m sure you’ll wear it lots.
    Always good to re-visit old Burda magazines, and one must never ever throw them out.

  2. susew says:

    Lovely! great work on the top stitching.

  3. Kim says:

    Very nicw, and ultra useful. You’re going to enjoy that one 😊

  4. sewbussted says:

    Great little jacket! Love the pockets, and the lovely seam finishes.

  5. Sew Measured says:

    Great jacket. Your work is impeccable.

  6. Katherine says:

    Beautiful fabric! You did it justice with your precision sewing.

  7. Tia Dia says:

    Fabulous! And the perfect way to use a special piece of fabric. Love all the details and close-ups.

  8. Paola says:

    I traced this jacket ages ago and never made it. Youve reminded me how much I like it- I need to find that traces pattern.
    I reckon the February 2009 edition of Burda was a cracker.

  9. Nonsuch says:

    Beautiful jacket – a worthy use for that fabulous fabric souvenir.

  10. AllisonC says:

    This looks so good, I love all the little details on this jacket (classic Burda!) and the fabric is gorgeous!

  11. yummymummy says:

    what gorgeous details on your jacket ! I think I have those buttons too… That was a golden Burda issue. I have at least 300 Burda patterns traced off, they are still my favourite to sew and wear. Lovely dress you’re wearing too

    • SewingElle says:

      They are lovely buttons. Button Bar of course! The only place to purchase buttons…
      I am totally a burda fan girl, as you’d know from my blog posts. I really enjoyed looking back at this issue.

  12. Georgie says:

    Hi just looking at your blog, love the dress fabric, would love to know if you got it in adelaide

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