A skirt of Japanese cats: BurdaStyle 05/2019 #112

Who buys Japanese fabric on holiday in Spain? Who wouldn’t when it’s as irresistible as this!

I mean. Look at that cheeky cat in the middle with the ball of wool. And the smiley yellow one. And the little black one. And the….

I turned this souvenir fabric purchased from Nunoya in Barcelona into a skirt for Felicity.

This is BurdaStyle 05/2019 #112 (or #112burda052019 in instaspeak)

( image source: the previous USA based Burda website that was so good. No point adding the link now. Not happy Burda!)

I added 7 cm to the length and cut the front skirt and yoke on the fold. This omitted the centre front seam and the decorative button tab.

I lined the yoke with a poly/cotton from an old shirt of her fathers.

I covered the end of the zip with a scrap from his shirt too.

It’s very satisfying to recycle like this 😊

21 thoughts on “A skirt of Japanese cats: BurdaStyle 05/2019 #112

  1. Just gorgeous. I’m using the same pattern for a skirt for my daughter but using a Jocelyn Proust piece from Spotlight. Good to see it makes up so nicely and my daughter will be sooo jealous of the cats!

  2. such a cute print and skirt! Great recycle with the shirt too I also have been Japanese fabric shopping recently, in Tokyo…

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