Virtual Venice travel jacket: Closet Case Sienna Makers Jacket

I am so lucky that the only casualty to COVID-19 for me is garments I intended to make for a holiday. So far, that is, and long may it last. And for your family and friends too, dear readers. Keep safe everyone!

I do feel a bit weird to be posting about sewing when there are many more important issues.

I’m guessing you will forgive me. If you follow this blog, you probably won’t mind a bit of sewing trivia against a backdrop of uncertainty, working from home and self isolation.

I made a Sienna Makers Jacket out of gorgeous cotton twill from The Fabric Store.

It was intended to be my hero piece for a trip to Venice at Easter to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

Perhaps next Easter?

This pattern has lots of lovely details already built in and plenty of opportunities to add your own.

I added bias binding to finish the edge of the facings and the hems and did a sort of double flat felled seam down the centre back.

I love the apple green background of this fabric. It’s almost reversible.

My slit for the belt was not well executed. And I’m okay with it. Perfectly imperfect.

The D rings for the belt went in wrong too. Another perfectly imperfect detail!

I had some diamanté D rings in the stash and. after some agonising, decided they’d be okay. And then installed them with the ‘jewels’ to the wrong side anyway. *eyeroll*

This pattern has so many pockets, including an internal one that I think will be just right for my passport.

Perfect for traveling. Some time in the future I hope to test that statement!

I made this in a straight size 12 and exactly as per the instructions, except for the breast pocket- I use 5/8 inch ‘seams’ ( ‘turn-unders’) instead of 1/2 inch because I didn’t read the instructions.

I love it. Great pattern. Great fabric, Gorgeous colours.

33 thoughts on “Virtual Venice travel jacket: Closet Case Sienna Makers Jacket

  1. Thanks for posting. I can definitely use the distraction. And what a beautiful distraction it is! “Hero piece” really applies here. The jacket has it all, form and function. That print is awesome, and the color combination is very modern. I also love how you combine it with the lilac skirt snd top underneath. Advanced coloring in my book! And qua function it is perfect for travel with so many pockets and the comfy unstructured shape. When you finally do take it out on a trip there will be lots of heads turning. Sorry if i’m gushing too much, it’s beginning to get a bit weird after 2 weeks cooped up and April and May still to go, at least! The Dutch government hasn’t gone as far as to order a complete lockdown but people are scared and very much retreating into their homes. Makes for a really unnerving mood. I think I’ll return to sewing soon to help me cope. Stay safe and sane!

    1. Thank you. Not gushing at all 😘
      I’m finding it hard to contemplate still being in lockdown for months to come too. But we are resilient and it will be the new normal soon enough.
      Stay safe and carry on sewing.

  2. This gorgeous fabric definitely makes this a hero piece. I hope you get to wear it somewhere exciting sooner rather than later.
    Wishing you and your family well in these uncertain times xx

  3. This looks fantastic. It will make great travel jacket next year. I stocked up in fabrics and notions for planned makes during self isolation but haven’t been able to focus on them yet. It is a most unsettling time.

    1. It is unsettling. It feels a bit strange to have extra time (not commuting,not going out etc) but not to feel a strong urge to sew. I was hoping to get my sewjo back by finishing this jacket. It might have returned? Let’s see what this weekend brings.

  4. Beautiful work. I always go for perfectly imperfect myself, life’s too short to stress it! I’m also lacking sewjo right now- after all, we have SO MUCH time on hand don’t we?

  5. Such a lovely jacket. You look beautiful. Commiserate with you over Venice. My husband and I were to join our college roommates for a glorious week in a magnificent villa in Tuscany celebrating our almost fifty years of marriage (we married two weeks from each other ), friendship, and my roommate’s recent retirement from practicing obstetrics. Raising a ethereal glass of good Italian wine that we will get there in better times.

  6. thank you for posting something interesting and beautiful. I think it important for our mental health to have some light relief in these challenging times. Absolutely stunning jacket. I take back everything I have said about that pattern….

  7. Its lovely. I have seen lots of nice versions of this pattern. I was also visiting Venice in April/May after seeing my daughter in Berlin. Not happening now. Priorities are keeping safe. May Australia miss the worst of it. And keep sewing and sharing 🙂

  8. Liz, your new jacket is lovely. Great fabric and beautifully finished. Sorry you won’t get to wear it in Venice this year. Thank you for posting and giving us positive things to focus on. Despite the terrible pandemic sweeping the world sharing our sewing is a lovely way to stay connected with each other over shared interests. Stay well and enjoy your sewing time ( err working from home time I mean…🤣)

  9. I love lifted my spirits after a tough day in lockdown.3 teenagers on holidays and 2 parents trying to work. Creativity is so important in these tough times. I would definitely make this a star piece next year in venice

  10. I completely agree with everyone else – distraction is necessary particularly now so please do keep sewing and posting! Lovely lovely to see beautiful colours, which suit you so well and I do like this very much.

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