Klimt the Kiss meets Tessuti Bella Dress

One of my favourite artists is Gustav Klimt and one of my favourite paintings of his is “The Kiss”.

I’m not an orphan in liking this painting, nor of items made from copies of it.

A quick web search revealed an umbrella available from the National Gallery of Art, Washington,

 Gustav Klimt: The Kiss, Umbrella

a hoodie from Cacofonia Milano,

a tote bag from Plumeria Museum,

Tote Bag Canvas, Klimt, The Kiss Gold

mugs from McIntosh shop,

and, best of all, a tram, launched in Austria on Valentine’s Day last year

Image source

(these are not affiliate links and I cannot vouch for the quality or authenticity of items for sale at these links!)

So you can probably understand that when EmmaOneSock had fabric printed with Klimt the Kiss, there was absolutely no way to resist!

No affiliate links here either 🙂

I can attest to how fabulous this fabric is, though. This cotton lycra knit is an absolute delight to sew and wear.

But then I had an agonising decision. What was I going to make from it?

Thank you, Covid-19, for helping me realise that no fabric is too precious.


And also thank you, Covid-19, for helping me accept that what I’ve done with this fabric didn’t have to be perfect.

This is Tessuti’s Bella dress, chosen for its minimal seaming and easy to wear trapeze shape.

That trapeze shape didn’t quite fit on the panel. So there’s a bit of fabric piecing action on one side seam.

The fabric makes something like this almost invisible.

I eliminated the centre back seam and centred the design of the second panel on the centre back, left to right. Getting the centre of the pattern from top to bottom wasn’t an option due to the aforementioned trapeze shape of the pattern piece and fabric restrictions! But, the bonus of this is that I almost have wings.

As much as I love this painting I don’t really love the olive background pattern of the fabric nor does this colour love my complexion. So I had the idea to add a neckband in a colour that would build a bridge between the dress and my skin.

I’m not convinced it’s a good feature. But I’ve left it on at this point.

I stabilised the neck edge with a special stabilising fusible bias tape whose name I’ve forgotten but might be Vilene. I then sewed the neckband on, wrong side to right side. That why there are pins in the image below – the special tape was already fused but the neckband needed to be secured. Once it was on I clipped and edged stitched, flipped to the right side, turned the edges under and top stitched.


I stabilised the pocket openings too, with a woven ribbon. This made the edge very neat and firm.

I used up most of the scraps too but I give major side eye to this pandemic accessory. Despite its well centred pattern.

Flawed execution of this fabulous fabric? Yes.

Do I love it? Yes!!

Have I worn it two days running whilst working from home? Also yes.

With that other pandemic accessory – the headset.

Yes, some of my work videocalls are that exciting!

How I imagine I look most of the time is second left bottom row, but apparently I don’t…

Keep safe and sane everyone.

35 thoughts on “Klimt the Kiss meets Tessuti Bella Dress

  1. LOL you look lovely! You have the bluest eyes! Stay with the neckline – it is fine. The dress is great – so interesting and clever piecing down the side – I probably wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out. Also love the #sew the precious!

  2. Love love love this dress!!! If you get bored of it, I can find a home for it as olive tones suit me LOL. (Pity the Aussie dollar has gone down so much… might not be buying much from EOS for a while) I have some of those Dutch prints, so stunning and excellent quality as you point out.

  3. FABULOUS! And it reminds me I must remake the 2 Klimt panels I hastily made up into a too-tight maxi dress, worn only once. Now’s the time [between making scrubs] to add in some side goores methinks…
    We bought a case of ‘the Kiss’ on our honeymoon, it still has pride of place on the mantel

  4. Love the dress and it must feel wonderful to have made something lovely to wear while overcoming the fear factor. Let’s use all of the good stuff. Life can be too short. Stay safe. 💛💛

  5. Such a fun dress of such special fabric – well done! When my grandmother taught me to sew she definitely showed me piecing techniques. They are very acceptable.

  6. What a fun dress! I have often looked at that fabric from EOS admired it. I love what you’ve done with it. And your shoes! Please talk about your shoes. They are perfect with this dress. And good on you with the mask.

    1. Love those shoes. Bought in Melbourne this time last year on an anniversary short holiday get away. Of course I had to wear them, whether they ‘worked’ or not.

  7. Love the dress and the fab print, and I especially love your attitude! Finding the fun in these weird times is the right way to stay sane. The matching mask is great but i am truly jealous of your headset. Ours is a lot bulkier. I bet you wish you could get my Leia look…

  8. Love the dress! Also love the attitude – #sewtheprecious is excellent advice as it’s far too easy to give particular fabrics mythical properties that prevents you from wanting to cut them. My sewing mojo is totally missing at present (again 🙄) but when I get it back I’m going to attack some ‘precious ‘.

  9. That is an amazing dress! Beautiful make. Such a flattering dress, and so easy to wear. I think I might have gone with a teal or turquoise blue to pick up those tones from the print. I find yellows don’t suit me. I used to love olive green but now that I am older I can’t wear it any longer.

    1. Thanks. Blues could’ve worked well too and are really my ‘best’ colour. But this yellow fabric was sitting out and I just went with the flow rather than auditioning a lot of fabric. Black would have probably been the best choice. This project was about fun and enjoying the moment rather than being particular sensible. A welcome relief from the real world at the moment!

  10. Great dress and yes do keep the yellow as it suits you well. And the shoes – wonderful pop of colour.

    Fabric collections are to be used! Well, that’s what I’m telling myself currently too lol. Can’t nip out to get any new stuff and so much is residing in the cupboard that needs to be used. Hooray!

  11. This is lovely!

    I found your blog while searching for help constructing the Bella. It’s straightforward, to be sure, but for some reason my sleeves are NOT matching up with the armscye and it is driving me bonkers. (I’m only sewing one sleeve and then attaching it for now…I think I’m going to sew the other one to the bodice flat first and see where that gets me.)

    At any rate, is this an issue you’ve had? I even double checked I’d cut the right size sleeve, that’s how mystified I am.

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