Orange and blue top: #128burda02/2015

A colour blocked top in ponte is an idea that has been percolating in my head for a while.

It all came together this winter because I made a simple pencil skirt in an orange and cobalt plaid and I had ponte in matching colours in my fabric stash. I love my stash!

The project included the fun of playing with colour blocking combinations on the screen before I committed to cutting. This is style 128 from Burda 02/2015

The pattern is in petite sizing (17-21), which works for me because I am short waisted. Except that COVID-19 induced isolation, grieving and menopause mean I now need plus sized petite sizing. 22 or 24 would be perfect. But that is not really a thing. Luckily, the pattern is boxy and flat pattern measurements suggested it’d be okay as a 21.

It was.

I liked the split sleeves of the ¾ length sleeves on the dress/tunic version of this pattern but wanted longer sleeves.

I don’t know how the orange part of the slit turned out slightly longer than the blue and was perfectly matched at the seam but I suspect it was due to the orange ponte being lighter andstretchier than the blue and me not marking the slit point. I’m not mad at how its turned out. Its hardly noticeably different and if it is then I figure it just adds a little bit more drama.

I’ve worn this top as is and with a black turtle neck layered under it.  I love it – and am asking myself why it took so long to make this pattern

This is not a complicated sew – just requires precision around the piecing and the square corner of the armscye. I used a square of interfacing on this spot and marked in the stitching line with a FriXion heat erasable pen, reduced stitch length around it and crossed my fingers (virtually) when I snipped into the corner.

It’s ponte, so none of the seams are finished. How weird, but freeing, it felt to leave everything raw!

I used a double needle for the hems, and went to the trouble of changing colours for the different colour blocks. Slow mindful sewing was what I needed to do.

The skirt? It’s a simple pencil skirt made from a gorgeous wool knit from Tessuti’s lined with a fine merino wool nylon blend from The Fabric Store and an elastic waist using fancy elastic from Seamstress Fabrics. All purchased online, but that’s no surprise is it? It’s 2020 and there’s a global pandemic.

It is certainly not a subtle top or skirt but it makes me happy!

16 thoughts on “Orange and blue top: #128burda02/2015

  1. My pink and green version of this fabric is still sitting on the sewing table cut out but otherwise untouched!!!!

  2. I love this top! So many of your makes are inspirations for me to try new patterns that I would otherwise miss or pass over. Isn’t it nice to have some time to slow sew? Enjoy your ensemble – clothes should always make us feel happy!

  3. love this colour combo and in awe of your piecing skills. BTW, I am Anon, as something wrong with linking to Nonsuch….

  4. This is such a great outfit! The colours really pop and your top is gorgeous as is the skirt.
    Sewing has been such a sanity saver this year. So nice to focus on just the sewing and come up with a great result to boot 👏💙🧡

  5. Sorry about your Dad. Sounds as though you have good memories… might be nice to dig through pictures with your children, see what they remember, share what they don’t recall. When you (or they) feel like visiting him again (I assume that will happen randomly, it tends to) yank up a flower or two, and go to the graveyard.
    When my Grandma passed in her mid nineties…my retired Mom told me she understood she’d been very fortunate to have her mother this long, but there was a strange emptiness to knowing the elder generation is no more.
    And on a much more trivial note.. nice outfit

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